Xiaomi Mi Civi 3 officially Announced to have a 4500mAh Battery


Xiaomi’s official Weibo account has announced that the Civi 3, equipped with Mediatek Dimensity 8200-Ultra chip, will be officially released on May 25.

Xiaomi mobile phone yesterday also preheated the battery content of Xiaomi Civi 3 mobile phone, carrying 4500mAh battery, “the longest battery life of Xiaomi Civi series up to 1.21 days, using the same battery packaging technology of Xiaomi 13”.

Xiaomi Civi 3 “jointly defines Dimensity 8200-Ultra performance chip, bringing enhanced cooling system, improved gaming experience and video capabilities; Support the third person shooting game 90fps high frame mode, 30 minutes stable high frame, the body front temperature of the highest 40.1 °C; Challenge an open world mobile game for 30 minutes at 59.5fps and 46°C.”

According to Xiaomi, “Xiaomi image operator is enhanced and accelerated, with portrait speed increased by 35%, night view speed increased by 57%, HDR speed increased by 153%, and continuous shooting speed increased by up to 235%.” The Mi Civi 3 will also support 16GB+1TB storage and adopt 4000mm² stainless steel VC liquid cooling to increase the heat dissipation area by 60%.

Xiaomi Civi 3 “screen has been upgraded to C6 luminous material, 1200nit global brightness and 1500nit peak brightness, supports 1920Hz PWM dimming and low blue light, and is equipped with” Xiaomi Super Dynamic “display technology”.

Xiaomi Civi 3 uses “SONY IMX800 sensor for main photography, the same model as Xiaomi 13, support 1G+6P ultra-transparent glass lens, support OIS optical anti-vibration, support f / 1.77 aperture”, the poster shows 50MP pixel.

Xiaomi Civi 3 will adopt 32MP+32MP front bionic dual main camera, “a beauty mirror upgraded to 78° no distortion portrait selfie; An upgraded to 4k HD recording 100° ultra wide mirror “, also supports “AI super sense four soft light lamp, warm and cold 5 light effects”, the official said, 78° “accurate restoration, the pursuit of distortion free real perspective”.

Xiaomi Civi 3 supports the “Moving image of Protoplasm”, the newly added portrait engine of Xiaomi Image brain, with bionic dual main photography in front, to bring three-dimensional texture portrait and natural atmosphere environment “.

The company also said that the Mi Civi 3 supports “Protoessence Moving Image” video, “by combining the Guet 8200-Ultra and Portrait engine, frame by frame, pixel by pixel skin rejuvenation technology, 80 million data per second calculation, real-time preview of beauty effects.”

In terms of body design, the Civi 3 weighs 173.5g, is 7.56mm thick and 71.7mm wide, and can be held with one hand.

Xiaomi Civi 3 adopts the “double color”, the same color combination, half-tone design; Bionic eyes in front, inherit flagship optical capability in back “, with “rose purple”, “mint green”, “adventure gold”, “coconut grey” color scheme.

According to Weibo user @Digital Chat site, Xiaomi Civi 3 is equipped with 32MP+32MP dual camera. Samsung S5KGD2 sensor) center dual-hole screen, screen support 120Hz high refresh rate, rear SONY IMX800 OIS three camera, using the upper left corner circular Deco, body frame, built-in 4500mAh battery, support 67W fast charge.


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