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If you have been looking for a drone with a 5,100 mAh battery powered machine that can fly for at least 27 minutes on a single charge, then the Xiaomi MI Drone 4K is your best bet. However, some features such as automated take off and landing will consume more battery power similar to the way a cellphone’s battery charge goes down fast when certain software’s are opened like Bluetooth and camera.


Xiaomi MI Drone 4K fall into the category quadcopter, which means that this drone has four motors and four propellers. Xiaomi MI Drone 4K also uses the modular system. That is, the user can remove one by one part drones such as cameras, dynamos, engines, batteries, and other parts. Thus, if no damage will be easier to fix. Speaking of the physical form, these drones if the note is more similar to the letter H. Xiaomi also claims that the drone is made with a material that is stronger and lighter. Thus, able to make Xiaomi MI Drone 4K fly with ease. Like the artificial drone DJI,Xiaomi MI Drone 4K also has a pair of legs permanently used as a buffer drone to be able to stand on the ground. Walking is also intended to protect parts of the camera on the drone so as not to collide with the ground. As far as the observations from various sources, Xiaomi Mi Drone seemed to own a professional quality camera like a modern air-drone. Because the Xiaomi MI Drone 4K has been equipped with Gyro System is intended that the drones can fly stably. Xiaomi MI Drone 4K also has been equipped with a GPS system that is useful to know the position of the drone when operated in air. Anyway, Xiaomi MI Drone 4K seemed to be equipped with accessories blade protector. What’s blade protector? This is an optional accessories are mounted on each side, right at the bottom of the propeller. So when the drone hit the wall, then the drone will not instantly fall. Therefore, the first clash is the protector of his blade. Thus, you can immediately make a move away from the collision object.


Equipped with a powerful 17.4 Volt battery that has a large enough capacity, the 5100mAh makes Xiaomi MI Drone 4K able to fly for 27 minutes in the air. Relax, just like other drones, while flying a drone, there are also indicators in the form of an alarm if the battery is weak. Thus, the pilot can anticipate to immediately stop drone flights. In fact, with its GPS function you can turn the feature returns home when the battery is in critical condition. Thus, the drone will automatically return to the first place where he was flown.

Remote Control

For remote control Xiaomi MI Drone 4K, has been using the 2.4GHz frequency with a very minimalist design. Just look through the pictures, really see Xiaomi MI Drone 4K remote control is really very simple. With this remote control, the Xiaomi claims that Xiaomi MI Drone 4K can fly up to a radius of 3 KM.
According to some sources, via remote control you can enable some features inherited from Xiaomi MI Drone 4K. For example, such as Automatic Take Off / Landing, Way-point Flight Path Planning, Tap to Fly On Map, and an Object Circle On The Ground. Apart from these features, of course you can also connect your smartphone device to drones to enable features First Person View (FPV) for taking pictures or video from a camera that has been installed on the Xiaomi MI Drone 4K.

Gimbal & Cameras

Then, how the quality of pictures and video from the built-in camera Xiaomi MI Drone 4K?
Interestingly, the Xiaomi provides two options for the quality of the camera on the Xiaomi MI Drone 4K. Namely, 1080p quality cameras and camera 4K quality. Of course, the quality of the two cameras of the Xiaomi MI Drone 4K is also different in terms of price. According to some reviews I read, to gimbal the Xiaomi MI Drone 4K also has 3 axis gimbal with good enough quality. It is said, this gimbal capable of reducing 2000 vibrations per second. Thus, the images or video of the drone is considered quite satisfactory.


This Xiaomi MI Drone 4K is armed with so many great features that work together to make your experience a great one each and every time. From long lasting rechargeable battery, 2.4GHz transmitter, 4K video, route settings that can be preset, and much more. It will be a great device to have for as little as 519.99USD we have one way for you get Discount use our coupon code:  GBXM4K  only limited Stock 20 units only so Hurry up at $485.  There is no better model that comprises of such great features in that price range.

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XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter
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