Xiaomi MI Drone 4K Version Unboxing Detail Review


On Feb. 23, Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi MI Drone 4K version will sell on March 3 at 2,999 yuan, compared with MI Drone 1080P version, MI Drone 4K version has made over 400 software optimization, in addition, there are five hardware upgrade, bringing better experience. Let’s check this real unboxing about MI Drone 4K.

Compared with Xiaomi MI Drone 1080p, MI Drone 4K uses two separate IMU and compass sensor, which is rare used in UAV. The flight remote control monitors the mixed data of two roads sensor in the real time and then compare, keeping flying data accurate.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K has made optimization in battery life, adopting 1.2mm ultra-thin light craftsmanship design. The battery uses 4.35V high voltage lithium polymer battery as the auxiliary power supply, which is composed of four pieces battery chipset, 15.2V standard voltage, 5,100mAh battery capacity, 77.52Wh total power, supporting up to 26 minutes flying time.

In aerial photographing, Xiaomi MI Drone 4K adopts 12MP Sony sensor, up to 3840 * 2160 pixel video resolution and it can support RAW format photographing. Compared with Xiaomi MI Drone 1080p screen, Xiaomi MI Drone 4K uses TDMA technology image transferring plan, which can not own stronger anti-jamming performance than traditional Wifi solution, and it can improve the transmission distance from 1km to 4km, making players own wider viewing angle.

Xiaomi MI Drone 4K is equipped with 3 axis stable gimbal, built in 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyroscope, 3 axis brushless motor drive, bringing as much as 2000 times per second of  data collection and operation compensation, which can make camera pixel level more stable and accurate and finally finish taking videos without shaking.

Xiaomi MI Drone 4K version uses foldable landing gear, removable integrated gimbal, according to this kind of module, foldable and light design, you can put it in your backpack easily. Let’s go with your mi drone 4k. Here is  coupon code:  GBXM4K  at $485.

Update on Sept.12:
XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter
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399 HalloweenM4K 700
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