Xiaomi MI Drone 4K Will Go Public on March 3


In May 2016, Xiaomi officially released its first rc drone, Xiaomi MI Drone, and they announced Xiaomi MI Drone 4K version will be on sale later. They start to sell MI Drone 1080p version first. Now after nine months past, we have finally known MI drone 4k is coming.

Now Xiaomi announces that Xiaomi MI drone 4K will go public on March 3,  MI drone 4K version is equipped with four features like easy to operate, high quality footage, safety and portability.

Whether Xiaomi MI Drone 4K or MI Drone 1080p version we choose,they both have four functions by App or remote controller.

1.One Key to control: Auto-fly/hover/return/land

2.Guide to fly: Auto fly to the destination of the map.

3. Route Planning: auto-fly from the pre-setting trajectory, bringing more fluent and complete image.

4. Fly around points: setting center/height/radius, fly around points automatically, while taking photos at the same time.

Xiaomi MI Drone 4K built in TDMA high-definition digital map technology, equipped with strong anti-interference ability, low latency, making remote control receive beautiful scene as far as 4km. It adopts GPS+GLONASS binary positioning system, so it has fast, accurate, stable hovering positioning speed.

Xiaomi MI Drone 4K version adopts two separate heterogeneous IMU and the compass sensor, the remote controller monitors two way sensor fusion data and compare to guarantee accuracy of flight data. Once fault appears, it can switch immediately, improving flight safety and stability.

When Xiaomi MI drone has low power, system will calculate returning time according current distance and height and send the notice for returning. In addition, it can record take-off point, when lost the signal of the remote controller, it can be back to your side automatically.

In battery, the body shell only has 1.2mm thickness on average to reduce the weight of rc drone and improve the flight performance, the battery adopts 4.35V high voltage  lithium polymer as auxiliary power supply which is composed of 4 pieces of battery cells, it has 15.2V standard voltage, 5,100mAh battery, 77.52Wh power rate, which can support up to 26 minutes flying.

Xiaomi MI Drone 4K version sells at 2,999 yuan, $500, and battery at 499 yuan, it will start to sell in Xiaomi mall, Xiaomi mi home, MIJIA mall, Xiaomi official shop in Tmall, JD, Suning, etc. If you can’t wait, just choose Xiaomi MI Drone 1080p version in stock now.


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