Xiaomi MI Drone UAV Crashed Suddenly, Really?


Xiaomi has released its first RC drone, Xiaomi Mi drone  which is well known for its high-end performance and competitive price. And it has also held the first announcement for its product online. When everything goes well, Xiaomi shows how to play its drone, and then crash suddenly. So what’s the truth about it?

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Watch Xiaomi Drone Crash Video:

After conference finished, Xiaomi staff, Yang Lin make the broadcast live for Xiaomi mi drone footage, it didn’t start long, the broadcast has been interrupted, it’s said Xiaomi mi drone has crashed. Xiaomi has answered this case that it’s misunderstood about Xiaomi Mi Drone crash, in fact, he didn’t notice the low battery state of MI Drone, when it flied for a while, it begins to automatically land for low power. And it was very dark surrounded by poles, so he was shocked by this case. Finally, Xiaomi mi drone landed well without damage. Then he started to finish the flying online.

After this case, Yang Lin told us that we must notice the battery before taking off, don’t start to fly under the low power state.  But Xiaomi also reflected this was the very successful announcement online. We don’t have to care much about rumors. So why not have a test of Xiaomi Mi drone  to prove the quality? Don’t forget to use this coupon code:  JRXMD to save a lot for you.

Update: Here is coupon code:  Midrone1  for Xiaomi MI Drone 1080p version at $448.00.


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