Xiaomi Mi Drone VS DJI Phantom 3S RC Drone Review


Since Xiaomi released its first UAV, Xiaomi MI Drone, they have been controversial in its price and quality which makes those RC drone manufacturers not able to live on this market due to $420 price. Because DJI Phantom 3s sells at $500, similar to the price of Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K Version. So Xiaomi has become the best rival of DJI. Today we will compare Xiaomi Mi drone or DJI Phantom 3s. to let you which one should choose.


First, we can see its design first. Xiaomi mi drone has plain design, but DJI Phantom 3s looks more sleek. But Xiaomi RC Drone design, foldable stent and gimbal camera make them be packed well in its package in one minute. DJI Phantom 3s stent uses the fixed type. If you want to tear down, you need the screwdriver to remove the screws. And its gimbal is not removable. In view of portability, Xiaomi mi drone wins.


Second, we can compare its specs. Xiaomi mi drone has 1080p at $420 version and 4K version at $500. 1080p version supports 60FPS/1080P video shooting, DJI Phantom 3s can only record 30FPS 1080P video. But Phantom 3s can support 2.7K video shooting, in terms of video screen resolution, DJI Phantom 3s 1080p version will be better than Xiaomi Mi drone. 1080P version of Xiaomi mi drone also has its own advantage in video shooting. its104 degree viewing angle will shoot more content than Phantom 3s with 94 degrees. And Xiaomi mi drone is more clear than Phantom 3s in pictures’ screen resolution. So Xiaomi mi drone 1080p version will be better for taking static photos. Xiaomi mi drone 4k version will have 3840x2160 maximum video resolution which is same as Phantom 3S. But we must notice Xiaomi mi drone only has two functions with single photo and video catching, a little worse than Phantom 3s with more shooting modes.


From their configuration, Xiaomi UAV keeps its flying height in 120 meters. But its flying speed is slower than Phantom 3S. In technology, Xiaomi Mi drone can completely reach the flying height of DJI Phantom 3s. But taking laws into consideration, Xiaomi has to control its flying height. Xiaomi Mi drone has ultrasonic positioning module, although it didn’t open flying indoor function. But DJI Phantom 3s only has GPS function, so in GPS, xiaomi mi drone has more functions than that of DJI Phantom 3s. Xiaomi mi drone can fly 27 minutes, which is two minutes longer than DJI Phantom 3s. So in flying time, Xiaomi wins.


Let’s talk about remote control, the largest signal of remote control of Xiaomi mi drone has 1KM far away same as Phantom 3S. Xiaomi mi drone 4k version has 2KM maximum signal. But Xiaomi limits 500 meters distance in its specs. So Phantom 3s will fly faster. The remote control of Xiaomi RC Drone battery has 5,000mAh, one times larger than Phantom 3s with 2,600mAh. So in battery life, Xiaomi mi drone remote control will be longer.


From function, Xiami mi UAV supports one key flying, one key landing automatically, one key to return, altitude holding, guidance flying, airline planing, automatic hovering, power real-time monitoring, electricity shortage reminds return, as well as automatic edge hover in forbidden places and so on. Phantom 3s has one more function like following remote control, which means the UAV will follow to fly with remote control. When you take the remote control to walk, your drone will fly according to your remote control.


In general, Xiaomi MI drone has the more advantages like, Ultrasonic indoor GPS, portability, longer battery life, higher screen resolution with 4K version, longer flying distance for 4K version’s remote control, and larger battery capacity for remote control battery. But it also has disadvantages, such as some limits, single shooting mode, no remote control flying following. However, DJI Phantom 3s has the merits like many shooting modes, 2.7k screen resolution that Xiaomi mi drone 1080p doesn’t have, very few limits, and remote control flying following. And its demerits are bad portability, no ultrasonic indoor GPS, and small battery for remote control.

According to comparison, they both have its advantages and disadvantages. DJI is an old and professional brand, but Xiaomi is new one in UAV industry. So do you know which one you will choose now? Xiaomi Mi drone or DJI Phantom 3s, don’t forget to use this coupon code: midrone to save a lot about Mi drone for you at $485 and coupon codeGBDJI3 to catch DJI Phantom 3 at $449.99 .

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