Xiaomi Mi Electric Power Smart Bike Officially Released, Same as Iron man technology


Today Xiaomi has officially released its first electric power bike, Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Electric Bike which is said to be first smart bike for young people. It will start to crowfund in Xiaomi official website at 4:00 p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing time. This mi smart bike has lightweight design with two colors, black and white. Meanwhile, Xiaomi will also release it in different colors. It can also be foldable for more portability.

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Xiaomi Mi smart bike is an electric power bicycle to support torque sensor technology, when the user step on the pedal, the bike will know how much power the user uses and then synchronize to give you a boost. Xiaomi claims it called TMM technology which has same theory as iron man armor which can add the same force as the user uses, so that it can achieve what the person can not do. Xiaomi Mi smart bike uses three variable speed system of shimano, more professional variable speed system.


This smart bike has powered by 250W high power and high speed motor which has a higher torque, climbing more easily. As for its battery, it uses 20 units 18650 lithium-ion batteries from panasonic, and it has 2900 mah battery capacity with its own battery management which can reach 45 kilometers battery life and 75km load under 20 km speed. Meanwhile, the battery is hidden in the frame, so it’s hard for us to see the battery shape. And when it’s folded, it only has 14.5kg weight.


In smart functions, Xiaomi Mi Electric Bike can check its walking road, distance, calories and other information by installing App on your smartphones. Right now it sells at 2,999 yuan, $500. So are you satisfied with this kind of bike and price?

Here are some unboxing pictures about Mi smart bike:

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