Xiaomi MI Electric Screwdriver Wowstick 1fs Announced at $33


Today Xiaomi has released a new gadget, Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs, a MI Electric Screwdriver at 199 yuan, $33, this product adopts aluminum body, dual mode like automatic mode and manual mode and LED design.

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MI Electric Screwdriver uses anodic aluminum oxide design, compact without screwdriver port, but it has come with LED power to illuminate the workspace. It uses dual-mode 0.2/3 n·m torque, speed up to 100 RPM with protection function. And three axis self-locking ratchet structure can effectively protect the motor.


The packing box of xiaomi screwdriver is white and sleek, 234g weight with 6 kinds of batch head extension rod, the head adopts magnetic suction design, better for taking out or keeping it, couple with 18 root batch heads at the same time, using S2 horniness alloy steel material, sandblasting processing.


As for its battery, Xiaomi MI WOWStick 1fs uses  two No.7 removable batteries, which can support 180 days stand by or working in 8 hours continuously. Right now this product starts for crowdfunding in Xiaomi official store. And they will ship it until September 22. By the way, you can enjoy coupon code: GB9%  at  $42.68


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