Xiaomi Mi Game Headset Review: Gaming Headphones with illumination in The Style of The Beats Brand


The Chinese manufacturer is getting more and more involved with the gamer accessory, and the latest headphones are also made for Gaming players, plus USB Type-C connectors, so it’s a perfect choice for mobile phones without a jack. Xiaomi’s gaming product line gains again. The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset is a 7.1 virtual surround sound headphone with two low-noise MEMS microphones and a modern-simple design for gamers. All information about the headset you will find summarized in the following post.


The Mi Gaming Headsets presents itself as a closed headphone with a restrained design. The headband and earcups are matte-black, making the headset visually conform to the latest Xiaomi Gaming products. Xiaomi promises an optimal fit and a correspondingly long-lasting wearing comfort through the size-adjustable and padded headband, in combination with the ear-enclosing and elastic ear pads. The upholstery consists of a breathable imitation leather imitation. The icing on the cake to the gamer design are LED strips located on the left as well as on the right of the ear cups that to light up configurable in different colors.

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Two dynamic 40 mm drivers with graphene membrane ensure a rich sound. High-quality and at the same time expensive graphene drivers are still relatively new on the market. It was only in 2013 that researchers from UC Berkeley were able to construct a graphene membrane that is also suitable for the audio sector. In contrast to the paper, plastic, aluminum or titanium membrane, which is commonly used, a graphene membrane is easier to vibrate, has a significantly higher tear strength and allows a smaller structure size. Sound advantages include a significantly higher volume without membrane damping and undistorted sound reproduction in all frequency ranges.

The virtual 7.1 surround sound promises a particular spatial sound. In particular, gamers should be able to locate sounds even better. The surround sound can be adjusted via the software of the headset. With its dual cable management, the Xiaomi Gaming headset can be operated via USB as well as via a conventional 3.5 mm jack audio jack. This makes it suitable for use on the PC, notebook and mobile device.

Unlike most gaming headsets, the microphones of the Mi Gaming headset are hidden in the earcups. You look in vain for a microphone boom. Installed are two microphones of the type MEMS (Microelectromechanical System). MEMS microphones are mostly used in mobile devices and offer an omnidirectional directional characteristic. To compensate for noise, the Xiaomi headset uses an Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology.


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