Xiaomi MI Headphone Lite Version Released at 199 yuan, $33


Xiaomi released its first mi headphone to support Hi-Fi at 499 yuan, $83 in January last year, In order to make users listen to more melodious music, today Xiaomi has released its MI Headphone lite version at 199 yuan, $33. And it will start to sell in Xiaomi mall, MIJia, Tmall, JD, etc.


Xiaomi MI Headphone lite uses quite simple design, young and clear, it has three colors, White, orange, and  mint color. The ear cover adopts high-level PU material, it is made of food level silica gel material in the earcover which is more breathable and close to skin.


The headphone uses close chamber cavity design, which can eliminate the noise better, and reduce the depression from the enclosed headset by calculating, the speaker impedance is 32Ω to support smartphone straight on.


In addition, Xiaomi mi headphone lite is built in damping material to absorb interior acoustic effects on voice diaphragm to reduce the distortion, and restore more real details in music.


We need to know that this Xiaomi headphone lite abandons the traditional cavity structure, in order to make the design simple, the operation zone is designed on the left side of the headset which can not only integrate music player, phone call, ect, and it can support operating blindly, single operation, playing or switch the songs can be operated very quickly.

Xiaomi MI Headphone lite has won the Hi-Res Audio high quality audio product standard certification from Japan, which can be over CD music quality limit to make the sound more real and accurate.


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