Xiaomi MI intelligent Multi-mode Gateway 2 Released at 189 yuan, $28


Today, Xiaomi officially released the Smart multi-mode Gateway 2, which will open crowdfunding on August 16, with a price of 189 yuan, $28.

As a new generation of intelligent home control center, Xiaomi Intelligent multi-mode Gateway 2 supports 2.4ghz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, which supports the connection of more devices, and has the ability to pass through walls and resist interference.

Combined with the RJ45 cable network port, the remote control and device linkage data transmission is more stable and efficient.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi intelligent multi-mode gateway 2 also supports Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh, Zigbee three mainstream communication protocols, only one gateway can make intelligent devices with different protocols interconnect.

Compared with the last generation of products, Xiaomi intelligent multi-mode gateway 2 upgrade dual-core processor, 128MB memory, speed increased by 100%, can be stable connection of more than 100 smart devices.

About Gateway usage scenario, with Xiaomi intelligent door lock, you can immediately switch on the lights and close the curtains when you get home. When the washing machine is finished, the washing machine automatically drops and the balcony automatically turns on the light.

In terms of ID design, Xiaomi intelligent multi-mode gateway 2 adopts integrated fuselage, corner cutting design, the exterior adopts anti-UV material, long-term use does not yellow, V-0 flame retardant level, high temperature resistance.

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According to reports, the gateway only needs three steps to complete the configuration, switch on the power to enter the state of waiting for the network, open the Mi App login account click add MI intelligent multi-mode gateway 2, select the network to add the way, according to the prompt to complete the device add.


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