XIAOMI MI LPB01ZM Portable Flashlight Offered For $22.99: A power bank flashlight with amazing features


The XIAOMI MI LPB01ZM Portable Flashlight was recently launched and has pulled lots of crowd due to its amazing features. it is a portable LED flashlight and also serve as a power bank which has a perfect design to take it either long trips or to a small adventure. Let’s get to meet the flashlight/power bank in details

Buy The XIAOMI MI LPB01ZM Portable Flashlight for $22.99

The XIAOMI MI LPB01ZM Portable Flashlight comes in a cylindrical design that boasts the well-known minimalist art with which Xiaomi tends to launch its devices and products. This flashlight is fabricated from aluminum alloy, which offers great resistance against bumps and falls, a key feature in this type of products, taking into account that it is prone to fall by chance since it is designed to participate in all kinds of environments and conditions, which most likely are controlled.  The flashlight is portable with a dimension of 120.2*25.5*25.5mm  and only weighs 130 kg. With this dimension, the product can be kept wherever we want, since it will fit perfectly in any bag we have, no matter how big or small it is. In addition, it accounts for LEDs of incredible quality, which can reach a maximum power of 3W and 240 lumens, which gives us great power

The Xiaomi Pocket Flashlight has an amazing non-removable3350mAh battery, which is rechargeable through the mini USB port mentioned above, it should be noted that it ensures a continuous use time of up to 12 hours with an intensity of average brightness and in the case that you use the maximum brightness. The second USB port, the standard, serves as Powerbank, so we can recharge our devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches and others, a feature that literally breaks all schemes.

The Xiaomi Pocket Flashlight has different lighting modes that give a unique touch in its functions, which ends up giving more when more compared to other products in the same category. These lighting modes are divided into 11, the same can be easily changed by rotating to the left or right of the silver-colored lid that we mentioned earlier, each of them has a different option, these changes from soft tones to the most intense to illuminate in the darkest places.

Where To Buy The XIAOMI MI LPB01ZM Portable Flashlight

The XIAOMI MI LPB01ZM Portable Flashlight is currently available on Coolicool for just $22.99.

Buy The XIAOMI MI LPB01ZM Portable Flashlight for $22.99

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