Xiaomi MI MAX 2 Camera Sample Leaked


Previously we leaked Xiaomi MI MAX 2 smartphone as the successor of Xiaomi MI MAX. When we guess it will be released with Xiaomi MI6 together, in fact, it has not been released.  Now there is a camera photo sample leaked on the Internet, according to the sample, due to taking in sunny day, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 can restore the color of the scene under the quite strong enough light, after enlarging it, the details have been also retained. The overall analysis is also excellent.

As for Xiaomi MI MAX 2 specs, it has 6.4 inch 1080P screen, powered by Snapdragon 626 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB, previously, it is said it will have 128GB ROM, dual camera, 5MP front and 12MP back camera, supporting 4K UHD video photographing.

In design, compared with Xiaomi MI MAX, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 has more sleek design,the back adopting all metal body, and it uses fingerprint scanner on the back, the USB Type C port is at the bottom. Right now Xiaomi mi max has been off the website, we believe Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will be released soon.



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