Xiaomi MI MAX 2 Design, Antutu, OS, Camera, Battery, Review with Coupon


Yesterday Xiaomi released Xiaomi MI MAX 2 smartphone in Beijing officially, as the successor of Xiaomi MI MAX, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 continues large screen and big battery, and the design has also been upgraded. It has not only used the symmetrical design but also metal body,the frame adopts curved design which has better holding feeling.

Although screen size has not changed, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 controls its black bezel well, reducing 53% compared with MI MAX.  The back adopts hidden U style line, whose color is close to the body color, bringing better visual effect, but it only has golden color now.

As for specs, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 uses 6.44 inch FHD screen, powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB/128GB, supporting Micro SD card, offering 5MP front camera and 12MP back camera with IMX386 sensor, similar to Xiaomi MI6.

It is worthwhile to know that Xiaomi MI MAX 2 has upgraded to dual stereo speaker, whether playing videos with speaker or not, it can bring good sound effect.  In addition, it uses USB Type C port and support charging twice for iphone 6, and it comes with 9V/2A quick charge, which can charge 68% power in one hour. Anyway, let’s see Xiaomi MI MAX 2 review below to check why Xiaomi uses Snapdragon 625 processor on MI MAX 2 this time?


Xiaomi MI MAX 2 package same as Xiaomi mi6


18W Quick charge, support 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Xiaomi MI MAX 2 front design is same as MI MAX, sensor and camera in symmetrical design


In addition, its speaker can be used without earphone, which is the dual speaker design after Xiaomi mi6, the other speaker is at the bottom.

At the bottom, it still has three buttons, multi-functional button, home button and back button

Compared with MI MAX, Xiaomi mi max 2 black bezel has been reduced with better visual experience.

At the bottom is USB Type C port, on the right is the speaker, the left is microphone

On the back it adopts U style antenna line and all metal body.

U antenna line is located at the edges

Xiaomi MI MAX 2 uses same IMX386 sensor as MI6.


Xiaomi MI MAX 2 first uses latest MIUI 8.5 Stable OS, which is the other updated version of MIUI 8. But in terms of real experience, compared with MIUI 8.2, it only optimized in details, no other obvious function.

It has about 2.2GB RAM after switching on

The good news is that MIUI has confirmed that miui split screen function first is used on MI MAX 2, but it will be used on MIUI 8 Developer version in July, then its stable version comes later.

Thanks to split screen function, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 with large screen will be very useful, whether chatting or watching videos, it is good to use split screen to help you.

In addition, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 has also confirmed to support fingerprint scanner payment including alipay, wechat, and xiaomi wallet.


Xiaomi MI MAX 2 is powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor,which is the old one in 2016, it adopts 14nm processing, built in eight 2.0ghz Cortex-A53 processor, Adreno 506 GPU, X9 LTE, supporting netcom, 300Mbps uploading speed. According to Antutu test, it has got 64023 points, which is the normal performance.  
Flash Storage Test:
It has eMMC 5.1 flash storage, after all Snapdragon 625 doesn’t support UFS.  Let’s test King of Glory. During test, it has 29/30fps, even team fight, it can reach 25fps, in addition, the large screen will bring the best image quality to play the game.


Xiaomi MI MAX 2 uses IMX386 sensor same as that of MI6, it uses 12MP back camera, compared with Xiaomi MI MAX with 16MP, although the pixel reduces, the single pixel inch is more important.  Xiaomi MI MAX 2 adopts IMX386 sensor up to 1.25um, but Xiaomi mi max only has 1um pixel inch, so both have very large difference.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 adopts 5MP front camera, F/2.0 aperture, supporting 36 level beautification. Let’s see the real sample effect.

In general, Xiaomi mi max 2 has good performance in photographing at such price, although compared with other flagship smartphone, it has gap.

To be exact, under the daylight, Xiaomi mi max 2 has good performance to take photos, only the color is a little bright, and the restoring ability is not good, It looks a little white in general.

But at night, Xiaomi mi max 2 has nice performance, although under dim light, the noise is obvious, but it is quite good for such price.


Xiaomi MI MAX 2 has used the larger storage with more power saving, let’s see the test
It plays two episodes tv plays, in the first 10 minutes, it has ultra-clear image quality, then, switch to high-definition, the brightness in default, the volume is 20%.

Under this condition, it has consumed 6% finally, so Xiaomi mi max 2 can play videos online at least 25 hours,of course, under the condition of no SIM card, no apps running in the background. If it is for daily use, it can play videos for one day without problem.

Then it plays 8 minutes king of glory, which only consumes 1% power, which is good news for game players.

It is the MIUI OS recording condition, it shows there are 2 hours 9 minutes for screen-on, consuming 13% power.

In addition, whether charging or using, there is no heat issue.

Thanks to USB Type C port, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 can support opposite charging, which can charge for other devices, regarded as a power bank.


In terms of Antutu performance, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 can be not so excellent, but in terms of photographing, battery life, craftsmanship, and price, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 can be a amazing smartphone, after all its official price is 1,699 yuan, $283.  And it has large screen and durable battery life that most users like. We believe you will enjoy it a lot. You can use this coupon code: GB9% to catch Xiaomi MI MAX 2 at lower price.

Update on June 27  
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