Xiaomi MI MAX 2 Will Feature 6GB+128GB, Snapdragon 660, 5,000mAh Battery


We have never stopped discussing about smartphones’ screen. Although most users think small screen smartphones will be more suitable for using, it will affect smartphone manufacturers to improve their phones in screen. For example, the upcoming Samsung S8 Plus will reach 6.2 inch, only controlling the dimensions by improving high screen to body ratio, since Xiaomi MI MAX, its first large screen smartphone was released, other brands smartphone like Meizu MAX, Nubia Z11 MAX, Huawei Note 8, 360 Q5 Plus ,etc has also come out. After almost one year passes, recently, there is news about Xiaomi MI MAX 2.

It’s said that Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will be released in May, still adopting 6.44 inch screen, powered by Snapdragon 660 processor, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB internal storage, meanwhile, it will improve battery to 5,000mAh and supports quick charge. In addition,  although Xiaomi mi max belongs to Xiaomi brand, it still has similar three step metal body to Redmi series. Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will use metal unibody, although there is no big change in design, there will some progress in craftsmanship.

The Xiaomi MI MAX 2 news is from social networks, right now we have no idea about dimensions, camera, etc. But we can still see many features from limited information.  The biggest highlight is Snapdragon 660, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB, if it still sells at 1,999 yuan, $333 in enough stock, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will become the hottest smartphone below $350 without doubt. Compared with 360 N5, N5 has higher competitive price, but Snapdragon 660 is better than Snapdragon 653. The former uses 14nm, the latter with 28nm, therefore, Xiaomi mi max 2 will improve its power consumption which is good news for long battery life large smartphone.

Last but not least, it’s said Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will be released in May, 2017, we have new choice now for new large smartphone, stay tuned.


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