Xiaomi Mi Max 3: Lei Jun Personally Confirmed That It Will Come In July With A Big Upgrade


A few days after the year of the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2, Lei Jun, the CEO of the company, wanted to put on the table new information on the next generation of large smartphones of Xiaomi.

Recently through a publication on Weibo, where Lei Jun has confirmed that next May 31 we will know new products of the brand, has also taken to indicate that, unfortunately, the Mi Max 3 is not yet ready, and will take a couple of months to see the light.

These are new products that maker speculated may be released at the conference in Shenzhen. There are people who have been looking forward to the next generation of large smartphones of Xiaomi originally thought it would be released at this conference, but on the Internet to see Lei Jun’s reply to the users questions, Lei Jun said that the Mi Max 3 will not be released at this conference, may It was only released in July, which made sad to many Mi fans that have been looking forward to Mi Max 3.

Xiaomi Mi MAX series has always been the main design of large screens and large batteries, the previous generation Mi MAX 2 is to use a 6.44-inch large screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor with built-in 5300mAh large-capacity battery, got a lot of consumers Loved it. This generation, the processor will be upgraded to Snapdragon 670.

This time, the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is reported to will be carry a large 6.99-inch screen and built-in large-capacity battery up to 6000mAh, and also supports wireless charging. Although the currently the specific configuration info is very less, but this does not delay consumers expect it, after all, most of the posts in the micro-blogging are looking forward to the Mi Max 3.

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