Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review: This Is the Monstrous Smartphone With 6.9-Inch Screen and More Power


The smartphones with a 6.99-inch screen are a reality, recently Xiaomi has just officially presented the Mi Max 3, one of the most anticipated terminals of the year in the segment of the mid-range, which has finally materialized in the form of a beast that grows-even more-with respect to the Mi Max 2 presented last year. Currently, its two variants ( $305.99 for 4GB + 64GB coupon code is WBITABXS and 6GB + 128GB in just $358.99 discount code NYIITKRI ) are available at geekbuying.com with the lower price than that seen in other stores.

With this third generation, Xiaomi has opted to continue the philosophy of its series Mi Max, through a terminal of considerable size, which will stand out from the rest of mid-range smartphones this year for its spectacular autonomy. Without more, we went to see all the features, specifications and prices of the new Xiaomi Mi Max 3. So let me talk about the person who experienced this new giant Smartphone.


The phone’s dimensions are 176.15 × 87.4 × 7.99 mm and weigh 221 grams. Compared to the previous generation, Xiaomi Max 3 is more like a mature successor. It not only draws on all the outstanding highlights of the previous design but also incorporates the most popular elements in it today.

As an example of the side, the “slim body” design originally unveiled on the Mi 6X that is well represented on the MI Max 3. This curved waist makes the handset still have a good feel while being equipped with a giant screen. At the same time, with the full screen on the front side, it is more convenient for the user to hold with one hand without any issue.

Appearance and Screen

Speaking about the screen, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 feature a 6.9-inch with a ratio of 18: 9 that is much larger than the Mi Max 2 in terms of the visible area. Thanks to the symmetrical design of the top and bottom clearance areas on the screen, the overall look is quite comfortable. In addition, it is necessary to mention here, the Mi Max 3 front-mounted bi-amplifier speakers, the effect of the horizontal screen is quite impressive.

The resolution is 2,160 x 1,080, the screen ratio reached 85.19%, the data does not have much advantage, but considering that the Mi Max 3 and Mi Max 2 body size is almost the same, I personally think that the progress is quite obvious. At least when we use Mi Max 3, the experience in the same application will be better, such as wider view display on the same screen.

The back element of Xiaomi Max 3 is very simple. The dual camera and the dual-color temperature flash in the upper left corner and fingerprint scanner mounted on center, on the bottom you can see the Mi logo and other information, in addition, this look is good and quite simple. It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 still uses a hidden antenna design, which effectively enhances the aesthetics in terms of vision, and the black body effect is better.

Although the all-metal one-piece body design is common, the back of the Mi Max 3 is very delicate, and it feels a little moisturized. Even a user who has a lot of sweat in the summer does not have to worry about leaving sweat stains. In addition, this all-metal body is also more secure in terms of safety, which is especially important for such a large body, while on the right side we will have the volume and on/off buttons.

As for its bottom, it equipped with a USB port type C  next to the speakers, which are distributed both on the left and right side.

Although the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is not equipped with NFC, the retention of the infrared function can make up for some shortcomings. In the summer, if you can’t find the remote controller of the air conditioner, so you can use it as a remote control,

Another 3.5mm headphone jack has not been canceled. From this point, we can see that the position of this giant Smartphone is very clear, users who give value audio and video effects they can use Mi Max 3 to listen to music and watch the movie.

Overall, the Xiaomi Max 3 has improved in appearance compared to the previous one. Almost the same body size screen is a lot bigger, and the “Slim Body” design also makes the body slimmer and give a better grip.


Under the hood we find a 14nm process, 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 636 processor with Adreno 509 GPU, the same one that offers, for example, the Redmi Note 5 but lower than what the Mi A2 will foreseeably offer. The processing and gaming performance of Snapdragon 636 is 40% higher than the Snapdragon 625 used in Mi Max 2. We have versions of 4GB or 6GB of RAM and a storage that starts at 64GB and goes up to 128GB.

Operating System

The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 opts for an operating system MIUI 9.5, which is based on the well-known free software of Google, Android 8.1 (Oreo). This interface stands out for its incredible fluidity, which responded quickly and smoothly, so it will be a wonder for users.

Full-Screen Gestures

On the other hand, the giant screen Smartphones are more or less top-heavy in daily operations. Traditional 3 Android virtual keys, even in virtual mode, will still be concentrated at the bottom of the screen. For large size mobile phones, it is easy to get unstable, especially in transportation or mobile. However, thanks to the evolutionary full-screen gestures, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 performed very well in this regard.

Millet Max 3 Review: 6.9-inch giant screen really gives force

Sliding back, hovering out multi-tasking management interface, these two operations are very logical, and the left and right screens slide outward to the center to achieve the effect of the return button, which is really amazing. For this kind of operation, I personally adapt to the physical key after a minute, the operation logic is impeccable, and even the best full-screen gesture.

In addition, the newly added “background” rendering form in MIUI 10 is also very suitable for a large screen. The same screen displays up to 4 processes, but the larger screen means that the preview space is larger, which is more for the user. It’s better to be intuitive and the next step.

Millet Max 3 Review: 6.9-inch giant screen really gives force

Finally, let me say if the feels that the position of the back fingerprint is not good, what should I do? The front AI face unlock is a bit of an understanding and you can unlock your phone with a glance at the screen.

Gaming Experience In A Big Screen Smartphone

“The screen is bigger with great experience” Of course, this sentence is based on a good feel, otherwise it is better for us to use a tablet. However, it makes sense that the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is more like a cross-border product. On the one hand use, the 5500mAh ultra-large capacity battery is close to the Mi Pad 4. On the other hand, the 6.9-inch screen will really make you sigh in many scenes.

For example, playing games, generally speaking, the popular full-screen Smartphones on the market are different in size, but the screens are mostly concentrated between 5.84 inches and 6.4 inches. The experience of playing “Glory of the King” or “Journey Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield” is quite satisfactory. But when you experience it on the Xiaomi Mi Max 3, that feeling is a different one.

The wider view of the larger screen can make your eyes no longer fatigued. It is quite convenient to click on the props or change the angle of view, move the map, etc. In a sense, the giant screen disguised the game’s fault tolerance. At the same time, the standard mobile phone always has a kind of inexplicable sense of urgency when playing for a long time. Of course, this may also be because my fingers are too thick and too fat.

Returning to the Xiaomi Mi Max 3, the 6.9-inch screen is between the phone. Thanks to the good screen ratio, it is not a large size with a comfortable touch, even if it is used for a long time. The tour will not cause a lot of burdens (it is not recommended to play games for a long time), and the larger screen also allows us to achieve more precise clicks and positioning. In general, the advantages are more than disadvantages.

Benchmarks Test

We tested this beauty in 2 Benchmarks, AnTuTu and Geekbench, throwing in the first of these, a total score of 118.897, while the second is divided into 2 tests, Single Core and Multi-Core, presenting respectively 1319 points for the first and 4714 for the second.

This giant Smartphone is equipped with Qualcomm’s 14nm eight-core processor Snapdragon 636, four large core Kryo 260 blessings to ensure good performance in high load environments such as games, and with Xiaomi’s special optimization for popular mobile games, Intelligently recognize the game group battle scene scheduling system resources, maximize the hardware performance, let Mi Max 3 run smooth high-load games, the frame number is stable and not stuck.

For example, “King of the Kings”, one of the popular games, Xiaomi has optimized this handset for the game. After opening the multi-core multi-thread switch in the game, the game can still guarantee the frame rate for a long time.

Camera Specs and Samples Review

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 front-mounted 8MP camera supports background blur and automatically turns on the soft light in dark light. As we understand, the self-timer effect is quite satisfactory, the whole image looks good, and the depth of field is also in place.

From the samples, the portrait self-timer mode of Mi Max 3 relies on AI and algorithm to achieve the depth of field effect, but the overall blur transition is natural, the details of the edge of the main body have no obvious traces, and the stereoscopic effect of the characters is very strong. In addition, one more sentence, the beauty effect is still worthy of recognition.

In terms of rear camera, the Xiaomi Max 3 offers a 12MP + 5MP dual camera, and the single pixel size is up to 1.4μm, which can ensure better imaging quality and less noise in the low light environment. In addition, it is also equipped with a flagship closed-loop motor and Dual PD full-pixel dual-core focusing technology, also in the dark environment can achieve extreme speed focus. So what is the actual photo effect? Please enjoy the real samples from Mi Max 3 above.

Battery Autonomy

A while ago, We tested Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. At that time, its 6000mAh battery capacity made me suffer in the endurance test. The power was simply disabled and the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 appeared in front of me with 5500mAh battery capacity. To be honest, this is really a “massive” for a mobile phone.

Limited to the time relationship, I did not have time to carry out a strict endurance test on the Mi Max 3, but in terms of the use of the day, even if it is a mobile phone dependent/heavy user, it is okay for a day and a half. What’s more, according to its official, based on the upgraded reverse charging function, the Mi Max 3 can even charge other electronic devices quickly. The output of 5V/1.2A is twice as high as that of the previous one, and the iPhone X can be fully charged for 3 hours. This is simply a fast charge in the mobile phone.

Overall, the 5500mAh ultra-large capacity battery is enough for users to chase, watch and play for a long time without being affected by the endurance time. The effect of the tablet can also be achieved by the Mi Max 3, not to mention the power increase. The reverse charging function is simply a clear stream in today’s mobile phone circle.


Overall, at this price, the performance of Xiaomi Max 3 is still very good. Inheriting the price of 1699 yuan from the previous work, whether it is the feel, battery life, photo or experience is superior, for the users who like a big screen, so it is a great choice for them.

On the other hand, if you are a person with a very clear purchase target, then you may wish to think about your own needs. At least in the use scenes of the pursuit and watching, the advantage of Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is very obvious. In my opinion, buying a Mi Max 3 can save money for buying a tablet, value.

Where to buy it?

For those of you who are interested in buying this Smartphone that is currently selling at geekbuying in just $305.99 (4GB + 64GB ) using the discount code WBITABXS and if you want this large screen Smartphone with extra RAM and ROM, so you can get it’s ( 6GB + 128GB) variant for $358.99 by use this coupon code: NYIITKRI.

Update on Nov.11, 2018

Start Date Product Name Final Prices Link on Coupon Limited Qty
11/10/2018 Global Version Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4GB 64GB $239.99 HNNANAAT 100

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