Xiaomi Mi Max 4 Concept Phone: 7.2 inches, 6000mAh, Snapdragon 720


Recently, Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 has dropped to a new low, or to prepare for the next generation of Xiaomi Mi Max 4, not only that but also exposed the renderings and related information of Xiaomi Mi Max 4.

Xiaomi Mi Max 4. series is not the same as many Xiaomi mobile phones, no stunning design, no top performance configuration, its characteristic is to highlight the big screen. According to the data, the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 continues the previous generation design style, retaining a wide upper and lower border, the screen can be well protected, the screen size of the phone is 7.2-inch display screen, the screen material is used Samsung’s AMOLED screen supports DC mode, which can better protect the eyes. The resolution is 2340×1080 pixels, the screen ratio is 88.6%, and the aspect ratio is 21:9.

From the rendering of the exposure, we can see that the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 is designed with front-mounted single-camera on the front. The front-mounted single-camera mobile phone can be seen everywhere in the market today, which is enough to see the front-end single. The camera is hot in the market. The camera is located inside the upper frame. In addition, there are components such as sensors and amplifiers in the frame. Although there are not many components, the components are available. The Xiaomi Mi Max 4 camera’s front camera has 16 Megapixels, and the aperture is F/2.1 intelligent aperture. It supports AI smart beauty, panoramic mode, and other technologies. Although the pixel of this phone is not high, it is excellent in shooting ability.

The rear-mounted three-shot mobile phone is very popular among consumers in today’s market, and we can see from the renderings that the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 is designed with a rear three-shot design on the rear. Although the mobile phone is very popular in the market, the number of three-shot mobile phones has been growing and there has not been a stoppage. It is enough to see the unique charm of the three cameras. The cameras are arranged in a vertical column, and the back of the camera is also on the back of the Phone. There is an LED flash, the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 rear three shots are 24MP + 16MP + 12 Megapixels, the aperture is F / 2.0, F / 2.2, F / 2.4 smart aperture, support OIS optical image stabilization, PDAF Phase focusing and other technologies.

According to the data, this new Xiaomi Mi Max 4 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 processor on the processor. The processor is a mid-range processor, which is extremely good in performance, and the processor is also very well known. Gao is well known by countless people. Although Xiaomi uses other people’s processors, it does not mean that Xiaomi has no processor. Xiaomi’s processor has been in the process of research and development, but the time when the processor is born should be Soon, let us wait and see! The system is equipped with MIUI9.0 based on Android 9.0. The running memory is 6GB/8GB, and the storage memory is 64GB/128GB/256GB, which supports the expansion of external memory.

According to the parameters, the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 is equipped with a 6000mAh large battery inside the fuselage. The reason why the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 is equipped with such a large battery is to let us feel the strong endurance, but also because the display is too large. The battery is small, we are not easy to get the experience, and it is equipped with fast flash charging technology, which can provide us with fast power. Not only that, but also supports reverse charging, turning your mobile phone into a charging treasure. The unlocking is equipped with the sixth-generation screen fingerprint unlocking technology. The body material is Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass. The body can be excellently protected. The color on the back of the fuselage is black, retaining 3.5 mm. Headphone jack.

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In general, the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 follows the classics of the previous generation in terms of design, but it has also been optimized. In the hardware and core configuration, it is very suitable for the positioning of the phone, basically able to meet the needs of consumers. The most important thing is that according to the data, the release price of the phone is around 1799 Yuan ($262.62). I feel that the pricing is conscience. I don’t know how you think Xiaomi Mi Max 4 is coming.

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