Xiaomi Mi Max 5 Released at The End of the Year? 7000mAh Battery, 67W Fast Charge


Recently, Xiaomi, a rival of Honor, has made new news about large-screen phones. It is reported that Xiaomi may restart the Max series of large-screen phones or bring a brand new Xiaomi Mi Max 5 to users. There is also news that the Xiaomi Mi Max 5 is now in trial production and is expected to be released by the end of the year.

When the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 was launched before, this model with ultra-high battery life and large screen won the attention and love of users and gave users a new understanding of large-screen mobile phones.

Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi Max 5 this year still has ultra-high battery life and a large screen with the previous Mi Max 3. It can be said that Mi Max 5 is an upgraded version of Mi Max 3, with more powerful performance than Mi Max 3.

It is understood that Mi Max 5 is equipped with a brand new 7.2-inch LCD screen. The probability of using a water drop screen in the center digging hole is higher. In terms of battery life, Mi Max 5 has a built-in 7000mAh super-capacity battery, which is comparable to a small electric treasure. Mobile phones, I believe users who like large-screen mobile phones can’t refuse it.

In terms of the core configuration, Xiaomi Mi Max 5 will use the 6nm process technology Snapdragon 778G processor, support 5G network, although the core configuration is not too high, there is no problem with watching dramas and novels, and there is no problem with playing mainstream large-scale games.

It is worth mentioning that the camera of Mi Max 5 has 100 million pixels. You must know that such pixels are comparable to some high-end flagship models. Of course, these are all exposed on the Internet. Whether it is accurate is not yet known.

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