Xiaomi MI Mechanical Keyboard is Said to Come on October 18


Recently, xiaomi has not only been busy with the new product unveiled, but also its crowdfunding products. Several days ago, Xiaomi has released the MI Cube IP camera, right now the next product is also coming. According to MIJIA App official Weibo, Xiaomi will release the new product on October 18 next Tuesday, and it claims the clear feedback will make you press without any force.

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Last year in May, news has rumored that Xiaomi will be ready for mechanical keyboard, after the news spread, it has attracted much attention. They guess Xiaomi will set a price tag of 199 yuan, even 99 yuan for this MI mechanical keyboard, if so, will it cause other keyboards reduce the price?


But after a few month, someone leaked that Xiaomi MI mechanical keyboard has announced to fail. According to an editor from Shenzhen, China, Xiaomi first looked for a partner, but not succeeded, then they changed the way, and end up with failure directly.


Cherry has also leaked that Xiaomi MI mechanical keyboard which will be the first one for young people, built in MIUI OS, using the leading mi axis, its RGB top version only costs 149 yuan, $25. It’s worthwhile to know that this new product will not belong to Xiaomi or MIJia brand from the poster. Even if it’s keyboard, they will not label Xiaomi logo directly. So if there is no MI logo, will you still choose this first Xiaomi mi mechanical keyboard for young people like you?


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