Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Full Ceramic Version’s Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


The most attractive full-screen handset is considered to be the newly launched Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. This device is the worthy continuation of the original model launched last year. As you remember, the first-gen Mi Mix came with a ceramic housing. It is fragile, but this material provides the way better look and antenna signal transmission. So Xiaomi is tended to use it in all of its premium flagships. it’s looking pretty sleek with the aluminum frame and that smooth ceramic back. Mi Mix 2 simply uses the COF screen-driven flexible packaging technology, active antenna tuning layout and micro-front camera module for the chin of the phone. It’s 12% thinner than the chin of Mi Mix. The screen ratio is indeed close to 95%. Xiaomi name this new modified design “Full-screen 2.0”. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 was priced in China at 3,299 yuan for its 6GB RAM/ 64GB storage variant, and 3,599 yuan for the 6GB RAM/ 128GB storage variant.

Xiaomi also launched a Special Edition of Mi Mix 2. This special Mi Mix 2 is made of a whole slab of ceramic, without any aluminum frame. It comes in pristine white or black. The top all-ceramic version of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Special Edition was launched in September 2017. Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of the body jumped up one step upward, the fuselage is a Whole ceramic. Actually, the ceramic body looks great. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Ceramic Version was also introduced with the eye-catching “Unibody All Ceramic”. This exclusive version also comes with 18K gold-plated Rim.

Xiaomi divided it into two versions, namely, Back ceramic with metal frame is Mi Mix 2, and unibody full ceramic Mi Mix 2 Full Ceramic. Both phones in addition to different body materials, Ram memory and price is not the same. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 black ceramic version priced at 3299 yuan, and full ceramic version is priced at 4,699 yuan it is the most expensive mobile of Xiaomi. Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version the author of this white ceramic version of the whole, memory 8GB Ram with 128GB internal storage.

It distinguishes from the normal one as it is entirely made of ceramic (except the display, obviously), while the standard one has a back cover made of ceramic and a frame made of aluminum. The Full Ceramic version has been released in two colors: Black and White. A high number of tests were necessary to produce a single unit of this device. The body was subjected to a temperature test of up to 1400 °C and also to a strength test of up to 240 tons. All the process takes seven days. It is worth remembering that in this version the edge and the back cover are part of a single body (Unibody), while in the black ceramic version, the edge is made of metal. For both, the thickness is 7.7 mm, while the Unibody ceramic version is slightly more compact than the standard black version, with a length of 1.3 mm and a width of 0.9 mm.

The completely white ceramic version of the Mi Mix 2 is really fantastic and with the right themes, the look is really impressive. A beauty that, as we know, has some interesting features and well above average, since it has an excellent screen of 5.99 inches, a Snapdragon 835 processor, with the aforementioned memory combination of 8GB of RAM with 128GB of ROM and connectivity options including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), GPS / A-GPS, Bluetooth v5.0 and a USB port type .

In terms of camera, we have a 12 MP IMX386 sensor with 1.25-micron pixels, 4-axis optical stabilization, 5 focal lenses, f / 2.0 aperture and face recognition. On the front, we found a 5MP camera, which also enjoys the function of facial recognition. The battery is not removable and has a capacity of 3400mAh. It comes with Dual SIM and compatibility with bandwidth in 226 countries (including Italy and Spain) close the most important data of this great flagship of Xiaomi.

As we can see in the images, the new white ceramic version of Mi Mix 2 has a better visual perception, maybe a little more balanced and elegant than the standard black edition. To complete the overall design, this version has two 18-carat gold rings placed one on the fingerprint scanner and another on the camera lens. No doubt a great detail that brings class and elegance to the company.

Today we are presenting Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version’s full review in white sleek Color with Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery. So Let’s Start our Review of this stunning and pretty Mobile.

Packaging: As Premium As It Gets

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version retains that exquisite black box package, however, we see that its box had reduced to a slimmer and thinner box package Mi Mix 2.

The back of the package is a simple parameter for the phone

After we open the box, you will be greeted by Xiaomi’s CEO & Founder, Mr. Lei Jun, hand autographed message and his signature!

Apart from the phone, we found the USB C cable, and the wall outlet charging the unit. Both are in white color.

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version screen accounted for 82.63% and it uses a 5.99-inch screen, 18: 9 screen ratio.

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version this time in my hand, give the author the most direct feel is slippery, but not the slippery glass, is a very soft and delicate slip, no metal, cold. And because the whole ceramic material, holding in your hand for a long time will produce temperature, there is a real sense of moist chill.

Ultrasonic distance sensor Placed on top of the front

The virtual keys appear at the bottom of front and the selfie camera is located on the right corner.

As you see 18 karat gold rings placed one on the fingerprint scanner on the back and another on the camera lens. No other extra openings, very simple design. Ceramic material is not dazzling glass material, but it looks stunning due to the White color, the bezels are more prominent.

Xiaomi MIX 2 ceramic version of the use of Unibody technology, the resulting feel people do not have the heart to take sets. Although the Mi Mix is also the all-ceramic body, Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is the border and the back of the ceramic molding, the process is also more difficult. According to the processing, the difficulty is also divided into all-ceramic, four-surface ceramic and Unibody all-ceramic body.

Xiaomi MIX 2 full ceramic version cancel the headphone jack, audio output through the bottom of the Type-C interface.

Noise reduction Mic placed on Top of the Body

Volume and power button on the right side of the Body

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is the border and back One of the ceramic moldings it of the 4-surface ceramic body, the frame part of the adjustment for the 7 series aluminum alloy, more suitable for mass production.

The left side of the phone for the SIM card slot

It is Support dual Nano-SIM card slot

A fast charge head up to 18W output with flat power Socket Terminals

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip same like as Mi Mix 2 ceramic version, but the memory is not the same, Mi Mix 2 ceramic version is 6GB shipped storage, Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is the 8GB memory. It is worth mentioning that Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is also Xiaomi’s first 8GB RAM mobile phone. Snapdragon 835 processor is the latest flagship processor released by Qualcomm this year, by 10nm process technology, performance, and lower power consumption, which means that equipped with 835 processor devices will be more energy efficient.

Then I use the GeekBench, GFXBench, AndroidBench and “King of Glory” on the Snapdragon 835 processor equipped with XiaoMi Mix 2 (8GB RAM version) for performance testing, and Mi Mix 2 (6GB RAM version) RAM For comparison test.

1, Antutu Benchmark Test

Antutu Benchmark Profile: The world’s largest user of mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tools, including a comprehensive study of all aspects of equipment, including user experience, performance, and visual rankings. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be the cross-platform comparison.

Antutu Benchmark provides a total score, multiple sub-grades.
The total score reflects the overall performance of equipment performance.
3D results on behalf of GPU graphics performance and game performance.
UX results on behalf of the user experience, that is, the performance of daily use.
CPU results on behalf of CPU computing power and multi-core type.
RAM performance on behalf of system memory size and system optimization.

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of the Antutu run points

Mi Mix 2 all-ceramic version of the antutu ran more than 180,000, 3rd ranking. It is noteworthy that, in the ranking of Antutu Benchmark, Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is the highest in the current Android models.

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of the Antutu running points contrast

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version Compared with other phones equipped with the same processor, the Ram slightly behind, but in other performance tests, fully exceeded.

2, GeekBench Test

About GeekBench: A cross-platform CPU performance test tool that accurately reflects single-core, the multi-core performance of a device CPU. Test load simulation Real-life application design, the result is more meaningful, but also measure GPU graphics computing performance.

Single-core results can reflect the advantages and disadvantages of CPU architecture design, the level of operating frequency. Multi-core scores reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores working simultaneously.

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of GeekBench run points

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of GeekBench run points contrast

3 mobiles are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, in the single-core Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is not leading, but under the multi-core test Mi Mix 2 ceramic version of the runner-up substantially. For game enthusiasts, multi-core run points are the most important.

3, GFXBench Test

GFXBench Introduction: Cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmark software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device GPU. Multiple test scenarios for full visibility of the device’s OpenGL ES graphics performance and battery life testing.

GFXBench provides OnScreen, OffScreen two test contrast. When the screen that is running native screen resolution test equipment, off-screen that is unified to 1080p resolution, easy to the cross-device comparison.

There are 4 major test projects: T-Rex, Manhattan, Manhattan, Car Chase, Performance, Tests under OpenGL ES 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.1 The pressure is getting higher and higher, the result is measured by the average frame rate (FPS).

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of GFXBench run points

Mi Mix 2 ceramic version of the GFXBench run points contrast

Mi Mix 2 ceramic version with 8GB of memory is still slightly higher than the other processors with the same GFXBench running test.

4, PCMark test

About PCMark: PCMark is a test software based on the overall performance of the machine, can accurately reflect the daily use of mobile phone processing performance, multiple daily test scenarios, such as web browsing, video editing, Battery life test, document writing, image editing, etc. It should be noted that the PCMark run-point bias energy ratio, which is more balanced power and performance of mobile phones score higher.

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of PCMark run points. Mi Mix 2 ceramic version of the PCMark running points and HTC U11 basically flat.

5, Androbench Test

Androbench Description: Androbench is a benchmarking application that measures 4K storage and storage performance for Android devices, including internal and external storage.

Continuous read speed of 700MB

6, Ram Contrast

The author uses Mi Mix 2 8GB version and the 6GB version for RAM testing, both phones are upgraded to MIUI9 stable version, the test boot remaining RAM and run the software after the RAM.

Boot RAM contrast

Run 10 software Ram contrast

After cleaning Ram contrast

Here to simply test the memory footprint, you can see the full advantage of Xiaomi 8GB ceramic version is obvious, the remaining memory after boot 6GB, run 10 software remaining Ram 5GB. So 8GB for heavy users, especially those who need frequent multitasking, will be more handy to use.

Take pictures: not the double photo but wins like a double take the flagship level camera

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version uses the same camera as Mi Mix 2 ceramic version, the rear Sony IMX386 sensor supports 4-axis optical image stabilization, PDAF technology, F2.0 aperture, and record 4K video. 5MPl front camera, smart beauty support, real-time beauty. Because before testing the camera, plug in some proofs here, a more detailed proofs comparison please refer to our previous release of Mi Mix 2 comparison evaluation.

Daytime Samples

Building at dusk

Park sculpture

Park flowers

Night Sample

The Tall buildings at night

Street scene at night

Selfie samples

With Beauty mode

Without beauty mode

I use PCMark test software here and play video online to test Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of life. Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is equipped with the same 3400 mAh battery as the Mi Mix 2, but due to different memory and in the hands of the author this system is MIUI 9.1 stable version, so or with the Mi Mix 2 ceramic version tested before Do the same.

PCMark battery life test

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 ceramic version of the PCMark running score of 10 hours and 34 minutes and red rice Note 4X basically the same. However, ran out of this result for the 3400 mAh battery has been very good, many of them to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 powerful power control.

Online video Streaming Test

The author uses online beep video playing at a beep client, 40% volume, 50% brightness, playing online for 55 minutes starting at 55%. After 30 minutes, the remaining battery power 49%, 6% power consumption, conversion Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version at full power can play online barrage video for nearly 9 hours, has a very good performance.

The Game Test

I once again use the recent popular MOBA hand tour “King glory” to test life, full-height effects to open high-frame rate mode, starting from 46% power, the game for 30 minutes. 30 minutes after the game, Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of the remaining 35% of electricity consumption of 9%, conversion, Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version can continue to play under full power “King of Glory” about 5 hours.

Charging Test

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version comes standard with a 9V2A 18W fast charge head, starting from the depletion of electricity 0%, connected to WiFi, no card, 10 minutes record time.Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version full of electricity took 95 minutes, in line with the performance of 18W fast charge.

The future of science and technology to explore Xiaomi will not be absent

Positive ratio of 18: 9 screen share of the high screen, with a visual impact at the same time surprised by its material feel, with people feel uncomfortable with the phone shell feel. Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of the appearance of Unibody all-ceramic body, delicate and soft touch, in your hand as porcelain.

In terms of performance, the Mi Mix 2 ceramic version equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, 8GB of memory, in the flagship Android mobile phone level, and in the antutu running sub-test, Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version in Android models 1st Ranking.

Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version of the 18W power fast charge, one and the half hour can be filled; battery life with a Snapdragon 835 10nm process blessing, lower power consumption, daily life can continue to life more than 10 hours, In this battery capacity is a very good performance.

Overall, whether it is Mi Mix 2 ceramic version or all-ceramic version, the appearance of a full screen and ceramic body design, as well as the flagship processor brings powerful performance and low power consumption, so from which aspects it Is a very cool technology products.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 was priced in China at 3,299 yuan for its 6GB RAM/ 64GB storage variant, and 3,599 yuan for the 6GB RAM/ 128GB storage variant. Xiaomi Mi5 from the ceramic body, Xiaomi has a special kind of ceramic dedication, and Mi Mix 2 full ceramic version is to create the precedent, using a ceramic body design. In the future of science and technology to explore the road, Xiaomi has made the example, although there will be more and more ceramic mobile phone market, the pilot’s aura will always shine in the Xiaomi body. Although Xiaomi is not the first company to use ceramics for cell phone materials, Xiaomi is a company that makes ceramic cell phones a success.

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