Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S | SD845, & Comes in 3 Variants | 5 Solid Reasons For Your Buying| Starting From $629.99 (Limited Coupons Inside)


All current flagships worth their salt are shrinking screen bezel, looking to make the most display-forward design possible. In the Mi Mix 2 from 2017, Xiaomi took trim bezel design to the nth degree, delivering a powerful, attractive and affordable phone like no other. Its 2018 follow-up, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, follows a similar footprint, but amps up the internal power and goes all iPhone X in its dual camera approach.

1. Design

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is a frameless screen that’s almost stretched to the edge. The well-known down-to-earth versions have also disappeared, with rigidly embedded reversing options, moving to the desktop and selecting applications. Now everything is on the touch screen. All that’s left is the white bar on the bottom, because there’s the front camera. Front-on and the Mi Mix 2S ultimately looks the same as its non-S predecessor. That’s to say it looks great, available in either black or white finishes. A 5.99-inch LCD screen is wrapped in a ceramic body with an aluminium frame to the point that there’s barely any surrounding bezel on either side, or to the top. There’s no notch to be seen anywhere either, leveraging Xiaomi’s push in extending as much screen to be used as possible and not going down the iPhone X route.

2. Display

The Mi Mix was one of the original 18:9 full-screen devices and that great viewing experience is continued in the 2S. In order to accommodate this Full HD+ panel, Xiaomi placed a very small speaker slit at the top, alongside an ultrasonic sensor for proximity sensing. When you put the phone up your face, the screen turns off appropriately, like with any other smartphone.

3. Hardware

Another area where the Mi Mix 2S really amps things up is in the power it offers. With Snapdragon 845 running thing it’s the first time this platform has appeared in a Chinese phone Xiaomi is level pegged with Samsung and the like when it comes to power. Throw in 6/8GB RAM and 64/128/256GB storage for the top-end model and it all-round impresses.

4. Camera & Battery

With a 3,400mAh battery capacity (the same as the earlier Mi Mix 2), the 2S ought to last through the majority of a day. This time around, however, recharging can happen in two ways: either fast-charging via USB-C; or not-as-fast-charging using a Qi standard wireless charging mat. Yep, Xiaomi has gone wire-free – and with a 7.5W compatibility, a full recharge will take two hours and 40 minutes (quicker than the competition). Xiaomi has gone extra deep with the potential of this, however, adding the option to select bokeh (that’s the blur effect behind the subject) size and even shape – it needn’t be circular, you can have hearts and stars if you’d prefer.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S camera comes with smart learning AI that lets it tell the difference between different face shapes and better distinguish the object and the background. This results in a more beautiful bokeh for portrait shoots, and the beauty mode on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S promises to be something quite special. Importantly in the Mi Mix 2S the cameras, at 12MP a piece, have larger pixels compared to many rivals (1.4um, not 1.25um like the older Mi Mix 2). That ought to aid quality, particularly in low-light, plus the manufacturer has included a hardware level multi-frame noise reduction process to help ensure snaps in the dark look their best. Other hardware level adjustments include 24 million focusing points on the sensors themselves, to enhance autofocus.

5. Connectivity & OS

One of the defects that have distinguished the Mi MIX series since the first model is the absence of Qi wireless charging. Despite the ceramic body, so far Xiaomi has never included this type of charging in its smartphones. The new MIUI of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S comes with a set of new features as well you will get to try out gesture control (similar to what you have on the iPhone X) and there is a new multitasking pane. There is three gesture controls available swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to the home screen, swipe up from the bottom and hold to bring up the multitasking pane and swipe right or left from either side to go back. The smartphone received all modern interfaces and sensors, there is NFC for contactless payment, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C. The technology of augmented reality is supported, and LTE works on all popular frequencies.

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Where To Shop

In general, the device is an interesting renewal on what the previous model proposed, especially at the level of camera and power, although not so much in terms of software developments, it will be necessary to see if in the global version this point improves. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is now avaialble with 3 variants on Geekbuying, 6GB+64GB Black in just $629.99 after using coupon code: LVQFEVYU, (Limited for 50PCS), 8GB+256GB Black in just $808.99 after using coupon code: PEIVKZQM, (Limited for 30PCS), 6GB+128GB White in just $719.99 after using coupon code: SSARTTYN , (Limited for 30PCS).


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