Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: First Real Mobile Exposure Reveal An Impressive Full-Screen Design


In late 2016, Xiaomi released the Mi Mix: a high-end phone with a stunning, bezel-less design, ushering in characteristics now seen on the Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and iPhone X. Xiaomi beat all these big players to the punch. Xiaomi could be said to be a pioneer of the full-screen revolution that is currently sweeping the smartphone industry and that was followed by the Mi Mix 2 launched a couple of months back. Today Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 real mobile images exposed on the internet.

According to image it will use a true full-screen design, it is learned will be equipped with a 6.15-inch 4K resolution ultra-clear screen, you can see from the exposure of the map, Mi Mix 3 screen accounted for the proportion of really reached nearly 100%, The full screen of the mobile phone market will be a huge impact.

Xiaomi has always been known for its performance, the configuration will still be strong, Mi Mix 3 will be issued next year issued a latest powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB ram and three versions of internal memory like 64, 128, 256GB.

Phone camera, Mi Mix 3 meet with a 20MP front camera with 4x optical zoom. This time the front camera will be in the middle of the top of the screen, this is an improvement, but the total will have some impact on the beautiful. It may be helpful to improve Selfie effect.

Beside rear camera for the 22MP dual camera supports 6x optical zoom and Sony optical image stabilization sensor. 

Foreign media said the Mi Mix 3 will still use the ceramic body, wireless charging do not count on. But you can be sure that Mi7 will support wireless charging. As for the price it, there should not be too much change, is still the choice of ultra-high cost. Will you go to queue up to buy it?

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The Mi MIX 3 is expected to arrive at the end of the 3rd quarter next year, or perhaps even in the 4th quarter, and it will be Xiaomi’s flagship phablet for 2018. If you choose Mi Mix 2, it is recommended to protect the phone with a protective cover and membrane, after all, the ceramic body is still relatively afraid of throwing, and the big screen is more likely to have scratches, your cell phone or to be well maintained.

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