Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Images Exposure, Front Camera Set In Slide And The Screen Will Occupy All 100% Of The Front Panel


In 2017, Xiaomi has not ceased to amaze its fans and present new surprises, as it was at the presentation of Mi Mix 2 and Mi Note 3. The surprise was that the new Mi Mix did not cause the expected WOW-effect. Now the New images of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 appear on the network. It is expected that the third Mi Mix will correct all the shortcomings of the second model and still be able to surprise the fans with its technical stuffing and the same fantastic design. Mi Mix 3 will have a display with a coverage of up to 97%. Xiaomi engineers could finally use the 6-inch OLED panel supplied by Samsung with a glass case on the front and back of the smartphone. And the metal frame.

From the images we can see that this Mi Mix 3 with a 100 percent screen full of screen design, and we care about the front camera and the handset was placed on the back of a slider, when it is not in use so you Can hide it, the user will automatically slide up, which for people who love the self is the gospel ah Back with a dual camera design, in terms of camera will be further improved, fingerprint recognition is still on the back. Mi MIX 3 design is more rounded, and the ceramic Xiaomi will certainly use more advanced technology, so the MIX 3 feel must be very good. As a flagship model, MIX 3 configuration is definitely the highest in the industry.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 would have a ratio of 21.9. That said, this smartphone would have a definition of 2580 × 1080 with a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. Also, the Mi Mix 3 may have a Dual Cameras at the back. Which suggests a photo part of the most performing, for the delight of photography enthusiasts. As far as its RAM and its storage capacity are concerned, no information or leak has yet emerged.

Lui Jun announced at the General Assembly, Xiaomi 2017 annual mobile phone shipments will exceed 90 million units, and in two and a half years, back to the Chinese market one. but with the growing Xiaomi, the problem will be solved, Xiaomi back to China first, just around the corner.

However, some remain skeptical about the release of a smartphone like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The price of it will definitely surprise you, the sale is inevitable. But, anyway, the concept makes more than one dream and it will be necessary to wait until next year to confirm its rumors.

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