Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Review: A Future Slider Smartphone With 10GB of RAM


Xiaomi marked the smartphone market a few years ago with the introduction of a wish. The Mi MIX line came to show that it was possible to have a device where the whole front was the screen, where the concepts could change, whether in the technologies of photography, sound or image.

The company wants to re-brand the Mi MIX line with more technology, more innovation and for that purpose presented today Mi MIX 3, which is betting on 2 major changes (or evolutions) for Xiaomi smartphones: the entrance to 10GB of RAM and a selfie camera system that can be slid to avoid putting a notch on the camera. front part.

The Chinese manufacturer has just presented its new star terminal, an all-screen phone with 93.4% front. There are hardly any frames apart from one reduced at the bottom. The handset is practically on the edge while to see the cameras we will have to slide the back of the phone up. We are seeing this trend in phones like the Vivo NEX, the Oppo Find X or the Honor Magic 2.

Today we are here to talk about a specific model, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, in another detailed review, So without wasting time let’s discover the features and specifications of this amazing product.

First, let’s take a look at the Specs of the phone


The new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 lands with an AMOLED screen, adding less energy consumption to the set, and its diagonal is 6.39 inches. Very similar to the already mentioned OPPO Find X, which also has a ratio of 19.5: 9 without the need to include any ‘notch’ in the set.

The resolution of this Mi Mix 3 is 2340 x 1080, keeping the FullHD + that Xiaomi continues to respect for its catalog leaders. Officially announced data display ratio of up to 93.4%, compared with the previous model Mi Mix 2S increased by more than 10%.

Design and Appearance

As a result, Xiaomi has adopted a “new” and “retro” design in the new flagship of the MIX series – the slider. The following is an excerpt from an official introduction from Xiaomi. “Mi MIX 3 innovatively combines magnetic power and slide structure to create a magnetic power rail design. It uses a neodymium iron boron permanent magnet called “Magnetic King”. The life of the slider screen can reach 300,000 times, which is much higher than the 100,000 times of the ordinary slide phone.”

Actually, i wanted to join and say “I can’t stop,” because I really felt that the slide was quite addictive at first, but when I slipped hundreds of times, it seemed to be a bit boring. In the process of sliding, you will find that the slide is not “stepless”. In mathematics, you can only choose 0 or 1, or open or close, even if you are very hard.

It is difficult to maintain the slider in the middle of the slide rail. If you push your hand down or up, you will slide to the end. In the process, the finger is like pushing the slider through the buckle mechanism. When you turn off the slider sound, you will hear a soft “click” sound.

Sliding the full-screen cover will reveal the “tiny forehead” under the slide. The components that are “immigrant” from the front panel are all settled here. From left to right, there are 24MP + 2MP camera setup, a receiver and self-timer fill light and the back look at the less than 2 mm border at the top of the screen.

In fact, there is a handset designed to transmit the sound of the true earpiece in the “closed” state. If you look closely, you will find two small dots, one big and one small, on the right side of the earpiece, which is the light sensor and the breathing light that emits white light. As for the distance sensor, it should be hidden in the middle of the slender earpiece.

Unfortunately, the Mi MIX 3 does not use the currently popular under-screen fingerprint recognition function due to the internal space limitation of the full-screen slider portion The fingerprint reader continues the rear-design of the MIX series. In addition to the upper center circular fingerprint reader and the lower centered writing “MIX BY XIAOMI”, there is a rear dual camera module arranged vertically in the upper left corner, which is 12MP from the top to the bottom. Sub-photo (telephoto), centered flash and the same 12MP main wide-angle camera.

The entire back shell is made of a ceramic four-curved design. The version that started this time is a sapphire blue color, and the actual visual perception is a dark blue. We believe that when many people just got started, it is easy to think that this body is made of glass. But in fact, it is still different. More obvious is that while using the back of Mi MIX 3 and Mi 8 (glass body) to reflect a light, Mi MIX 3 will not be as dazzling as Mi 8, which involves different physical physics of the two materials.

The high-strength aluminum alloy frame is surrounded by a four-curved ceramic body. Xiaomi said that this is the first time in the industry to use the 7075-T651 aluminum alloy to manufacture the middle frame of the mobile phone. This aluminum alloy is known for its high strength in its class and is mainly used in the aerospace industry.

The middle frame has also been sprayed into a “glare blue” effect, combined with the work of the ceramic body and the metal frame, whether it is visual (sapphire blue and glare blue) or feel (body and middle frame), there is a pole Strong sense of unity. The color matching is calm and restrained, the hand feels smooth, and the workmanship is firm and solid. This high level of design and workmanship is believed to be inseparable from the “grinding experience” accumulated by Xiaomi on the metal frame and ceramic body.

On the left middle frame of the screen, from top to bottom are the small signal strip, the dual Nano SIM card slot and the stand-alone AI button for the first time. On the right middle frame of the screen, they’re also the small signal band, volume rockers, and power button. On the upper side, there is only one noise-canceling microphone which is placed on the left side and on the bottom side, we will find a signal strip with symmetric distribution, a speaker grill, and a centered Type C interface. The left “five holes” are for microphones and the right “five holes” are for the speaker.

The Conclusion Of the Appearance

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 as the Mi MIX series and even the entire screen of Xiaomi mobile phone in the history of the highest screen, due to the use of a comprehensive screen slider + rear ceramic body design, the phone feels better than the Notched screen design like Mi 8.

However, with the help of the four-curved ceramic body and the round aluminum alloy frame, the ideal grip is maintained. Once again, the full-screen design that pushes the frame to the limit and the best screen that may have been used by Xiaomi will make the Mi MIX 3 screen always become the focus. The novelty is fun and addictive, and the “magnetic slide” that is crisp and soft, can give a boring time ”

Hardware and Performance

On the hardware side, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is much more “standard”, to say it in some way. There is no new Qualcomm processor, the new Chinese standard integrates the Snapdragon 845 accompanied by 6 or 8GB of RAM, as well as 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

The 10GB RAM that debuted for the first time can further release the strength of the Snapdragon 845, and it has not been tested yet, So let’s see the first test of this Smartphone.

I don’t have much to say, “I don’t want to run a minute.”

Antutu benchmarking points: 283,828, in the top flagship Smartphone, such scores can rank in the top 10.

AndroBench test score: 693.56MB / s (read), 250.38MB / s (write).

The data of the 2 tests have a good advantage with the Android phone of the same configuration. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 belongs to the flagship mobile phone of the first echelon in the Android camp.

Can have such achievements, in addition to thanks to the cooling optimization of the Mi MIX 3 and system tuning, the most important thing is, of course, the built-in “cooling system”. As one of the best performing mobile phone SoCs, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is believed to be familiar to everyone.

The Snapdragon 845 uses Samsung’s 10nm (LPP) process technology, built-in eight custom 64-bit CPU cores, the highest CPU frequency up to 2.8GHz. Also equipped with the Adreno 630 vision processing subsystem, the Opteron X20 LTE modem with a 1.2 Gbps peak download rate.

The model that we are tested is 8GB + 256GB. After running the test, the following will be the experience of the mainstream mobile game, including – “Glory of the King” and “PUBG.”

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 can turn on “full effect” in the settings of this game. The entire game experience is carried out under the conditions of picture quality, HD display, high frame rate mode, multi-thread mode. In the three games of the experience, the process of loading the game is the first or the first batch. In the actual game process, the FPS frame rate data provided in the game is between 59-61, and the mobile phone always maintains a slight warm state, and the operation is very smooth.

If the smooth running of “Glory of the King” is only a small case, then the “PUBG” to be tested below can be challenging. When it comes to testing of games, we believe everyone knows that this type of German game started out on the PC side. Computers without higher performance can’t really play such games. Even after porting to the mobile, this type of game is also the “master of the configuration.” This is why game developers of “PUBG” will lock the game’s FPS to 40 frames.

For Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, the full effect means “picture quality is HDR”, “frame number is set to super high”, “anti-aliasing-on”, “shadow-open”. In the game with this special effect setting, there was a noticeable fever after half an hour, but the picture and operation were still smooth.

The conclusion of the Performance

In terms of performance, since the most anticipated 10GB RAM version was not used in this test, the results of the 8GB of RAM is enough to surprise us.

Admittedly, Snapdragon 845 is not a “new” SoC, but if you know more about it, you will feel that the current configuration or current software optimization does not fully play the performance of this core. The cooling and thermal control capabilities of Mi MIX 3 in the 8GB RAM test are more interesting for the overall performance of its 10GB RAM version.

Camera Specs and Samples

When the rear dual camera has already become the standard for the Smartphones, it is not meaningful to look at the number of cameras. It is impossible to make a significant decision on the actual picture quality. It is not the number of cameras, but the quality of the sensor and the optimization of the manufacturer’s camera software or AI intelligence.

In 2018, Xiaomi has strongly improved in the camera section. In the Mi MIX 3, the rear camera feature a 12MP Sony IMX363 wide-angle lens + 12MP Samsung s5k3m3 telephoto lens with a 1.4μm large pixels and Dual PD speed focus, four-axis optical image stabilization, handheld super night scene, 960-frame slow-motion photography, AI scene recognition, AI video editing, dynamic flair, and studio lighting.

Not much to say, look at the samples directly. (To simulate the most realistic photo experience, all samples are default settings and automatic mode).



Outdoor wide-angle and telephoto lens

It is not difficult to see from the sample of the day, the details are very well restored, and the white balance is very accurate. Whether it is the object’s hair texture or the still shadows of the still life, it is clearly visible. Even if it is to be used for mobile photography, Mi MIX 3 can still handle it easily.

Night Samples

In recent years, with the development of mobile phone camera technology, in fact, in the daytime photo comparison, the top flagship camera capabilities are very close, but the gap is only in the color preferences. The best way to express the quality of a mobile phone camera is to look at the night camera samples.

From the night samples above, you can know that thanks to the lens with a large aperture, the Mi Mix 3 can perform well in both indoor and night scenes. Whether it is a colorful lighting, or a dark, backlit carousel scene, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 can handle it with ease and clearly record every memory segment.

Front Camera Samples

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 contains a 24MP of the main sensor, signed by Sony. A sensor with 1.8-micrometer pixels and that can fuse the 4: 1 pixel to offer more luminosity. The accompanying sensor is 2MP and is responsible for making the depth readings for Stereo, blur or bokeh mode. In terms of self-timer, it is equipped with AI scene recognition, studio lighting effects, AI beauty, video beauty, video illusion, and other functions.

From the self-portrait, the effect is self-evident. The skin is white and beautiful, and the feeling of white and red is all at a glance. I don’t know if you think this kind of selfie is good or not.

The conclusion of the Camera

The Camera configuration of Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is basically the same as that of Mi 8, but the actual sample comparison exceeds it. This is also certified by the authoritative website DxOMark review data.

The score of the photo item 108 is absolutely deserved for youngers who are looking for camera playability, handheld super night scenes, 960-frame slow-motion photography, front soft-light double-shot, and video implementation blurring greatly expand the scenes that camera tools can use, giving cameras recording life is a matter of bringing more fun and convenience.

Operating System

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is equipped with MIUI 10 system based on Android 9.0 deep customization. Since the release of the first internal beta version on August 16, 2010, MIUI has experienced 391 weeks of iteration in the form of a weekly version. The entire system, whether it is aesthetic or functional richness, is an Android customized system in China and around the world. It is second to none.

After entering the system desktop of MIUI 10, you can see the desktop information assistant on the negative screen. You can even set up some shortcuts that you use frequently, such as scanning code or presenting QR code payment. The whole system adopts a colorful matching design, which is very bright and dazzling.

As a feature of this new Smartphone, the slider is designed to keep the slides from being “placed”. We can set a shortcut function for the slider operation, such as starting the self-timer, open the tool drawer or launching any mobile phone software. In addition, the slide unlock function is also equipped with 5 interesting default sound effects, if you like, you can also choose the one you like in the online massive sound effects.

In addition to the slide, the new AI button can also be customized to click/double-click to open certain software or even preset operations in “Xiao AI”. In addition, as a flagship phone at the end of 2018, the face unlock function is also not absent. However, this slide-face recognition-phone unlock operation requires a little more time for people who like fingerprint recognition.

It is not difficult to see that the system design of MIUI 10 is still in accordance with its own rhythm. Although the MIUI 10 in the Mi MIX 3 has been upgraded to a deep customization based on Android 9.0. However, overall, MIUI 10, which is also based on Android 8.1 deep customization, is not much different in function.

Battery and Charging

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 has a built-in 3200mAh battery which supports QC4.0+ (18W) fast charge, and Qi wireless charging (10W).

Thanks to the upgrade of the Snapdragon 845, the new Qualcomm Kryo 385 CPU, performance increased by 25%, the new Adreno 630 GPU, performance increased by 30%, power consumption reduced by 30%; the adoption of the 10nm LPP process Performance is 10% higher than 10nm LPE and 15% energy saving. So how about the battery life of this Sliding Smartphone of the Xiaomi? We simulated the actual experience test.

In the first hour of simulating the daily use of the power consumption test, use the mobile phone to play the random song list in Netease cloud music, the volume is set to 50%, continuous music playback in the case of the interesting screen, the power is from 100% Dropped to 91%.

In the second hour, the “PUBG” game was continuously played, and the effects were set to HD – the number of frames was super high – the style was bright – anti-aliasing and so on. The volume is set to 50% and the screen brightness is set to 100%. So the battery power has dropped from 91% to 69%.

In the third hour, use the iQiyi client to continuously play the member-only Blu-ray quality video, the volume is set to 50%, and the screen brightness is set to 100%. In this hour the battery power has dropped from 69% to 52%.

The overall power consumption speed is moderate, in line with the current mainstream flagship’s battery life performance.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 also supports QC4.0+ (18W) fast charging, and Qi charging wireless charging (10W), we start charging it when the remaining power is 0%. In the process of wired charging, the first 50 minutes were growing at a faster rate, after which the mobile phone began to enter the trickle charging phase, and the charging speed began to slow down.

Charge 30% of the charge for 30 minutes, and 70% of the charge for 50 minutes. It takes about 70 minutes to fully charge. In the process of wireless charging, an average of 2 to 3% of battery power can be charged every 10 minutes.

The Conclusion of the Battery Life

In the high-intensity use, the endurance performance of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is still quite satisfactory. If you want to use social software, news reading, etc. as the main operation, we sure that it is enough to ensure the use of one day. And if you like to play large, high-energy games, you have to be mentally prepared for more than one day.

However, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is equipped with an 18W fast charge, and you don’t have to endure long waiting time to recover power. As for the wireless fast charge, it is not particularly practical to look at the current charging efficiency. However, for users who like to “follow the charge”, it is still a function that will be used frequently. Because this kind of “we obviously just let go, the mobile phone is unknowingly charged with the pleasure of electricity, it is still very attractive.

Overall Conclusion

From Xiaomi Mi MIX to Xiaomi MIX 2 and 2S, the image of the three-sided “no border” full-screen design has long been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Now if we see a Smartphone like it, we really think of “Mi MIX.” However, the market is improved, and the needs of consumers are constantly upgrading. Xiaomi or MIX is also good. Never stop at the same time.

Don’t forget that the market is cruel. If there is a better choice on the market, but this choice has nothing to do with you, then you will miss out on one or more market opportunities. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is a brand new choice that Xiaomi brings to consumers. But whether this choice can be recognized by consumers as before, whether it can become a new symbol of Xiaomi MIX, still need time to test.

In the experience and review time, after the fresh feeling of getting started, we found that this Smartphone is not too different or awkward in daily use. If you are not used to the slide-face unlocking, you can use it as a super-high-screen ratio mobile phone with rear-mounted fingerprint recognition. You only need to slide the cover when you are taking a selfie.

And if you like the face unlock, so it can also bring some different feelings to the daily use of mobile phones. On the hardware, more amazing screens, better photos (especially at night), and extreme performance also make consumers who want to experience the slides eliminate the decision-making concerns.

Price and Availability

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 will be available in the colors Onyx Black, Jade Green, and Sapphire Blue. It starts from 3299 yuan for the model 6GB + 128GB (about $474), to go to 3599 yuan for the model 8GB + 128GB (about $517) and 3999 yuan for the model 8GB + 256GB (about $575) up to 4999 yuan for the Palace Museum version with 10GB + 256GB (about $719). In the sales set of each version, there will be a 10W wireless charger.

The last cut of memories is exclusive to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 the Palace Museum Edition, characterized by an exceptional back cover. Preorders already start today as actual sales start on November 1st.

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Update on March 21, 2019

Global Version Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 6GB 128GB at $489.99 / €428.89 to use coupon code: HSHBLOVN


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