Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Will Come With 100% Screen To Body Ratio


Last year Xiaomi Mi Mix was born, stunning the world, by domestic and foreign praise, and lead a full-screen trend a year earlier. And this year, Xiaomi has released the Mi Mix 2, improved the first The lack of generation, but also better solve the problem of mass production. However, compared to Mi Mix 2, we are more concerned about the 3rd generation Mix is not a real full screen. Recently, the exposure of the network out of suspected Mi Mix 3 renderings, let’s take a look below let’s see it!

We can see from the renderings: Mi Mix 3’s screen has been close to 100%, many users find this front camera how gone? The explanation given by the foreign media is that such sacrifices can only be made due to the current technical limitations of full screen. The back of the fuselage more than a camera, into a dual camera with a fingerprint, the overall glass body.

Mi Mix 3 will be equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with 6GB of Ram memory, there are 64,128,256 GB of storage options, the system will run on Android 8. 0 MIUI9 system, the experience is very smooth. The price has not yet been determined, the function of some of the specific data is not clear, the current Mi Mix 3 just give us a sensory experience, what is the specific increase in functionality, this is what we should expect.

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This year, can be said that the full-screen mobile phone outbreak of the year, almost all mobile phone has its own full-screen flagship, Xiaomi, without exception, launched a full-screen Mi Mix 2, but its borders and chin does not seem perfect, And the exposure of Mi Mix 3 renderings, do you feel satisfied? For Mi Mix 3 full screen, or the future trend of the full-screen mobile phone, how do you think?

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