Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Concept Phone Exposure, Vertical Camera is Highlight


To be a major feature of the Xiaomi Mi Mix series, of course, Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is also not listed, from this picture can be seen, this screen is more than Mix 3 It’s still high, almost the whole front is a screen. It’s estimated that the screen ratio of Mi MIX 4 should be as high as 95%.

Like the Notch drop screen on the market, there have been too many models released. On the contrary, such a comprehensive screen is still very popular. Isn’t this Mi Mix 4 in the hands? The surprises on the screen are far more than these, and there is more than 4K ultra-clear resolution, and a new generation of optical screen fingerprints, unlocking at a very fast speed.

A camera is also another major feature of the Xiaomi Mix series. It can also be seen from the figure that the rear of the Xiaomi Mix 4 is four cameras, and the four cameras are arranged in a vertical row, simple and generous, while in the Phone There is a logo on the bottom of Xiaomi. There is nothing else. The overall feeling makes everyone look very comfortable and perfect.

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Telling the truth, a piece of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 like this is really hard to make people feel excited. In addition, according to relevant news, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be equipped with 5G communication, is it cool?

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