Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Has Not Been Canceled, Company Denied the Rumors


Not so long ago, the Chinese corporation Xiaomi officially introduced to the public such a smartphone as the Mi Mix Alpha, but it costs about $2900, so a wide range of buyers will not be able to afford its purchase. Following this, users began to ask a company from China when it would release the long-awaited Mi Mix 4.

Recently, the brand promotion manager of Xiaomi Edward Bishop on Weibo social network decided to answer all such questions, saying that this model was not even created, so its release in the near future is not planned. In this regard, information spread around the network that such a mobile device would never enter the market ever.

However, fortunately, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will launch this year, as it became known today, the same brand promotion manager Edward Bishop reported such information. Three days after his initial publication, he published a new one in which he actually accused the media of misinterpreting his message.

According to this senior official of the Chinese corporation, he just wanted to say that he was not ready to comment on rumors about such a model in any way, while the media took it as the cancellation of the release of such a novelty.

Thus, based on all this, this mobile device will still enter the market, and its development is now most likely being carried out in the bowels of the Chinese corporation. It follows that all those who want to buy it for themselves can already be given such an opportunity in the near future because the presentation can take place at any time, but Mi Mix 4 is unlikely to take place earlier than in December-January.

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