Xiaomi MI MIX 4 Latest Renderings Leaked


Xiaomi MI MIX 3 is the most unsuccessful smartphone released in 2018, due to bad sales, so in 2019 we haven’t seen new product from Xiaomi mi mix series. But in 2020 Xiaomi still released a high-end phone, Xiaomi MI10 at over 4,000 yuan, 600usd, although price increased, Xiaomi MI10 still has its price advantage among others due to production issue. In fact, Xiaomi doesn’t give up on Xiaomi MI MIX series, recently, we have got much leaked news about Xiaomi MI MIX 4 which is registered with new product strategy, so we can confirm MI MIX 4 is coming soon.

According ot latest renderings, by the way, we can not confirm it is final design, Xiaomi MI MIX 4 will come with double curved display, up to 100% screen to body ratio, 120HZ+2K screen, in terms of famous digital blogger, Xiaomi mi mix series will be the most perfect Xiaomi flagship, it is worthwhile to expect.

However, if there is only Xiaomi MI MIX 4, Xiaomi doesn’t have to register a new account, there is mi fans to comment that they hope Xiaomi MI MIX series will be same as Huawei Mate series, focusing on high-end product, and expand product line, such as Tablet PC, PC notebook, and other accessories, etc. Xiaomi MI MIX series should not limit to produce phone, but also all high-end Xiaomi flagship.

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We believe Xiaomi MI MIX series has same brand power as Huawei Mate series, Xiaomi MI MIX 4 will bring better impression and sales for mi fans. Stay tuned.


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