Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 News Update: 120x Zoom 150 Megapixels Cameras


The Xiaomi mix series first appeared in 2016. What other domestic manufacturers were playing that year? Playing “visual borderless”, that is, making the border black… in the state of the screen, it looks like the front is the screen. In the autumn conference of the same year, Xiaomi Mix was born with the concept of a full screen, and it was a highlight.    When it comes to the back of Xiaomi mix2, the appearance is not changed compared to mix 1, and even the border looks a little wider. When it comes to the Xiaomi mix3 generation, mobile phone manufacturers are trying a new comprehensive screen solution. The influence of the times, Xiaomi mix3 chose to regain the design concept of the slider. So…then everyone knows…


The time comes to 2019, and the comprehensive screen program has begun to unify, retaining several mainstream programs such as water droplets, bangs, lifting, digging, etc., and flipping and sliding covers have been eliminated. And every year the usual Xiaomi mix has to play something different, so, Xiaomi mix alpha came out.

I have to say that the 180% screen-to-body surround screen is really good-looking, and the material is really ruthless. Of course, the price of 19999 is really expensive! But the problem is that the good mass production in December last year, I can’t buy it until now.

So this directly leads to the period from the end of 2019 to the middle of 2020, there is no new machine of the Xiaomi mix series on the market, just like the direct bounce. Earlier there were rumors that Xiaomi mixed alpha was just to give an account to users expecting Xiaomi mix. Well, it is very possible.

It’s time to turn to this year. The Xiaomi mix ticket that has been the main high-end has had a great impact on Xiaomi’s dream of high-end. I didn’t expect Xiaomi 10 to hit the high-end wave (although compared to other friends, the price-performance ratio is still fragrant. …), and it is also very valuable.

Earlier this month, Xiaomi’s Avengers found another general, Yang Zhe, a market terminator from Meizu. At this point, Xiaomi’s Avengers has basically taken shape (dare not say that the dust is settled, and it will be said that there will be a Daniel in the future).

The skip ticket of Xiaomi mixed alpha directly led to the lack of new mix series machines on the market of the mix 3 conferences in 2018. It is bound to make the market have more expectations for Xiaomi mix 4, and Yang Zhe’s label “Jazz Life” is also consistent with the high-end positioning of the Xiaomi mix series. It can be guessed that in order to prove himself, Yang Zhe will personally operate Knife mix 4 and formulate marketing plans, with the intention to replicate the success of Huawei mate 7. This generation of mix 4 will also be a new generation of bucket machines, after all, there are still many Xiaomi 6 users who have not changed their mobile phones.

According to the information released before, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will implement three 100+ strategies, which are 150MP pixels, 120x zoom, and 100W charging.

According to the latest news, the news that Yang Zhe personally created the Xiaomi mix 4 was finally confirmed. Yang Zhe became the vice president of the Xiaomi Group and the chief marketing officer of China. He was responsible for the formulation of marketing strategies and brand building in China. Yang Zhe Creates an exclusive high-end brand image of Xiaomi.

It is reported that Xiaomi has got a 150 Megapixel camera and a super periscope telephoto camera. The former is Samsung’s top mobile phone sensor tailored for Xiaomi. It has a 1-inch large photosensitive area, 144 million pixels, and supports four pixels in one. The actual shooting effect is better than the 108 million pixel Samsung HMX adopted by Xiaomi 10 Pro.

Although at the beginning Xiaomi’s positioning of the Xiaomi mix series was geeks, exploring black technology and being born for fever. And if Yang Zhe replicates the success of Huawei mate 7, it is bound to be a business flagship, and the product slogan is bound to become: a slogan that is easy to resonate with business people, such as jazz life and the world. In other words, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 may become bad.

The lack of competitiveness of the product itself will have very serious consequences for Xiaomi Mix 4, and it will also bring great problems in marketing. Apple has A-series processors and IOS, Huawei has Kirin, Samsung has a screen, and Qualcomm has a CPU. So what does the Xiaomi mix? The best screen is Samsung, and the strongest CPU is Qualcomm. Like Xiaomi Mix3 and Honor Magic2, everyone is a slider phone, and Xiaomi Mix 3, which has a high screen ratio, was caught off guard by Honor Magic 2.

Lei Jun wanted to change this situation, so he invited Yang Zhe, Xiaomi mix 4 directly against Huawei P series flagship. Perhaps the selling point of the Xiaomi mix has since become a camera.

At present, the flagship of Huawei P series is P40Pro plus, 10 times optical + 100 times digital zoom. Xiaomi MIX4’s super periscope telephoto will be more fierce than this camera. Coupled with the super wide-angle and ordinary telephoto four-shot, the strength is expected to surpass Huawei P40 Pro plus.

Some netizens broke the publicity material of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, it looks a bit fake, but the rear camera arrangement and parameters can refer to it.

From this picture, it can be seen that Xiaomi mix4 continues the surrounding design of Xiaomi mix alpha, but the surround is not so thorough, just wrapped around the side. This mass production difficulty is much lower than the mix1 alpha. Screen ratio, more than 100% is no problem. And the front is the under-screen camera used. This means that the price of this screen may be very expensive. Since the success of mate 7 is to be copied, the pricing cannot be too low. Coupled with this year’s wave of price increases by domestic manufacturers, the price should not be a problem to break 6000 yuan.

The matrix module of the camera is a bit like Huawei’s P40 Pro, with the main camera of 150 million pixels, which supports OIS anti-shake. 40MP ultra wide-angle + 20 Megamacro. The second row is a TOF lens + periscope telephoto lens that supports 20x optical zoom and 120x hybrid optical zoom. A total of 5 shots seem to be real, no suspect. From this point of view, it seems that Xiaomi Mix 4 is indeed the main photoshoot.

But to be honest, this 120x hybrid optical zoom is very unreliable. With current technology, it is still very difficult to achieve a 120x hybrid optical zoom in a short time. But 120 times the digital zoom is possible.

In terms of hardware configuration, the Xiaomi mix series and the Huawei P series use the best current technology. However, because the CPU is subject to people, Mi Mix 4 can only use Qualcomm. It is rumored that Qualcomm does not have the Snapdragon 865 plus, so Mi Mix 4 has a high probability Still use Snapdragon 865. Support dual-mode 5G. Support 100W fast charge (but do not know if it is the dual battery) and 40W wireless fast charge. In terms of price, the starting price of Xiaomi 10Pro is 4999, and the top version is 5999. So Xiaomi mix 4 should start at 5,999, of course, it does not rule out the possibility of a standard version and a Pro version. If divided into standard version and Pro version, then the starting price may be further reduced.

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Lu sir said: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 should be a stunning debut, otherwise the market will soon forget the Xiaomi mix, the burden on the mix is ​​getting heavier and heavier.


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