Xiaomi MI MIX 4 Preheating Poster Leaked UWB Technology


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun will hold his 2021 annual speech, where the long-awaited Mi MIX 4 will be unveiled.

In addition, the company’s first high-end smart speaker and xiaomi’s second-generation OLED TV will also debut on the night, according to official information.

As the release time approaches, the official also accelerated the new preheating rhythm.

Today, Lei Jun posted a warm-up poster for Mi MIX 4 on his microblog. According to the copy “This time, pointing to the future” and the poster, the phone points to mi TV, it can be clearly seen that Mi MIX 4 will be equipped with UWB technology.

In October last year, Xiaomi officially announced its UWB technology, and introduced the Internet of everything interaction based on the device, which can be directed by the phone pointing at the device, and named it “one Finger Link”.

UWB will provide great convenience for multi-device smart home control and bring pioneering innovative experience of smart home control.

It is currently only available on high-end products such as Apple, Samsung and Mi MIX 4 due to its high technical difficulty.

It’s worth mentioning that the Mi MIX 4 will also be the first domestic phone to support UWB functionality.

In addition, the poster confirms that the upcoming Xiaomi 2nd generation OLED TV will also support this feature, enabling the UWB control scene experience.

Not only that, but judging from the demo video of the mi MIX 4’s real screen, it’s going to have a “real full screen,” meaning that the front of the screen has no holes at all.

Thanks to the new flexible CUP technology, Mi MIX 4 is fully non-porous, has a 100% complete comprehensive screen, and displays with full pixel accuracy.

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In addition to UWB and Flexible CUP technologies, Mi MIX 4 will also bring excellent performance with the support of Snapdragon 888 Plus, which is worth looking forward to.


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