Xiaomi MI MIX 5 may test over 100 watt Fast Charge


This morning, a well-known blogger posted that Xiaomi is currently testing a flash charge of over 100 watts, and it can also take into account a larger battery capacity, so that the battery life and charging speed will be guaranteed at the same time.

Unfortunately, the blogger did not reveal the specifications of the new fast charging solution, or the models involved.

From what we know so far, the mi 12 series will have a 120W maximum charge, and while the Mi 12U may debut later in March/April, it will still come with a 120W solution.

That means xiaomi’s new 100W flash charger won’t debut until the MIX 5 series later this year at the earliest.

It is worth mentioning that there have been a number of leaks that Xiaomi will support faster charging specifications with higher power than 120W on its high-end flagship products in the second half of next year.

As for the specific scheme, xiaomi has previously announced a 200W power of fast charging, showing a Mi 11 Pro Magic revision, its wired charging power reached 200W, only 8 minutes to charge 100%, the first time to pull the wired charging into the 10 minutes era.

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With the self-developed “ring cold pump cooling system” announced by Xiaomi, it will also greatly control the calorific value of 200W fast charging, improving the safety of this ultra-high power fast charging, and better play the performance of full blood fast charging.


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