Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Appeared In the “Live” Photos


The Mi Mix Alpha has been one of the most revolutionary smartphones of this 2019. Whether for its futuristic design or the way in which its cameras are arranged without any notch, Xiaomi has made it clear what its vision of the future is.

Since its launch, much of the images we have seen of the Mi Mix Alpha have been in the form of renders. That is why we leave you with some of the first high-quality images that show us in great detail the spectacular design of the new member of the Mi Mix range of Xiaomi.

In these first two images, we can see the screen of the Mi Mix Alpha that goes beyond the 90º of curvature, literally wrapping the outline of the phone. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of practically all sides of the smartphone in order to show a greater amount of information.

In addition, in the rest of the images, we can see its rear camera that simultaneously functions as a selfie camera. To do this, once the “front camera” mode is activated, the device uses the part of the screen that is located next to the camera.

Without a doubt, it is a spectacular design that, beyond its usefulness and above all, its fragility, shows us the potential of Xiaomi and that of its research and development department to achieve an unparalleled smartphone, unique in the world.

Doing a general review, the new Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has a powerful Snapdragon 855+ along with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. Its structure is made of high-quality materials such as Titanium, ceramic materials or even sapphire.

Most notable of all is its screen, an AMOLED type panel that curves at an angle of 180º. A screen not usual, but that gives us great advantages when it comes to viewing useful information on its edges and back.

Likewise, this new Mi Mix Alpha has an aerospace-grade Titanium structure, providing in addition to a premium finish, great hardness, and shock resistance. In addition, its lenses are fully wrapped in 2.88 grams of sapphire crystal.

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