Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex Concept Phone Exposure: Folding Screen plus Double-Sided Screen


The rest of the release of Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is still there. The online release of Xiaomi’s new screen is higher than the average slider on the market. There is still a lot of discussions when users pay attention to Xiaomi. When paying attention to Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, Xiaomi began to look at the eyes from other aspects, and this time the effect seems to be better, the voice of discussion is higher, and the expectation value is soaring, that is the concept phone of Xiaomi Mi MIX flex.

The screen that touched was still a 6.2-inch OLED screen. How big is the screen? When it was unfolded, Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex opened the entire screen to a size of 3 inches, which is really comparable to a small computer. What makes us uncomfortable with notebooks is that although it is already very small and portable, it can’t be played anytime, anywhere. This phone is more convenient, more portable, more attractive, and more convenient to work. On one item, it has already won the advantage. Lei Jun himself said that you have never tried this game. Indeed, we have never seen such a routine.

The screen ratio of Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex can be said to be high not only without friends but also without competitors. Is the use of a 6.2-inch OLED screen, greatly reduced the border, I thought it would be the first martial arts? This is certainly not finished, its screen can be said to be everywhere. Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex even the back cover of the phone is a screen, you dare to imagine? Do you think Apple’s glass back screen is great? That’s why you really don’t understand this concept.

This concept phone can be said to have exceeded all your images of the phone. Specifically, you can imagine, almost all of the screen, what is a screen product called mobile phone! Xiaomi is doing this, its name is Xiaomi MIX flex. If this bold and imaginative design is put on the market, it may be another revolution in the mobile phone field. Come and see if the Xiaobian is a mystery. Let’s take a look at this concept phone.

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The Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex concept phone has too many screens, even the rear camera is installed in the upper screen, and the lower screen is still the glass body, which is certainly not a wonderful design, but the design is more It can also be spread out like this. After the spread, the front and back sides are all screens. It can be twisted and folded in the middle, which is folded into the screen. It can also be understood that the mobile phone is divided into two halves. It can also be understood as a model like a laptop, but all can be touched.

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