Xiaomi MI MIX FOLD 2 will Feature an 8.1-inch Foldable Screen


Xiaomi’s second fold-screen model, MIX FOLD 2, has appeared in IMEI database and passed certification, according to Xiaomiui. The model 22061218C, or L18 for short, is expected to launch between June and July 2022, according to the name.

The phone, codenamed “zizhan,” will be upgraded from the MIX FOLD generation to an AMOLED flexible display with a high refresh rate, which is only 60Hz. The hinge is expected to be redesigned and upgraded.

According to Display analyst Ross Young, you can expect xiaomi’s next foldable screen to be 8.1 inches and the upcoming Vivo’s to be 8.03 inches.

Samsung Display will supply ultra-thin film glass (UTG) foldable panels to Xiaomi’s second-generation foldable smartphone Mi MIX FOLD 2, according to a new report.

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iGeekphone has learned that the Mi MIX FOLD, which was released in March 2021, is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC and uses a flexible AMOLED screen from China’s Huaxin Optoelectronics, with a 90Hz external screen. The phone is powered by Xiaomi’s homegrown ThepaperC1 image chip, which uses liquid lens technology for both telephoto and macro.


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