Xiaomi MI MIX Fold 3 will Use Under Camera 2K Full Screen ?


From Today’s news, blogger digital chat site hinted that Xiaomi’s MIX Fold series, possible Xiaomi mi mix 3 folding screen will adopt 2K level under screen camera technology.

The digital chat site also pointed out that the Mi MIX Fold 2 was originally planned to feature a front camera on the interior screen, but it was not introduced due to mutual technical exclusion. It looks like the Mi MIX Fold 3 will feature a front-to-back camera on the inside screen.

At present, there are three solutions to the under-screen camera technology. One is to reduce the number of pixel units in the camera area, increase the opening rate, increase the visible light transmittance, and improve the shooting quality on the premise of not changing the pixel density in other areas, which is the “low PPI solution” in the camera area.

This results in a noticeable difference between the display of the FDC area and the surrounding screen, with a noticeable graininess of the display, especially when using navigation, where roads are staggered. In addition, due to the heterogeneity of ppi, it is easier to see the FDC region from a large perspective.

Second, the overall pixel unit density remains unchanged. The camera area is set as one pixel circuit to drive multiple OLED pixel units, which reduces the area proportion of metal lines and increases the visible light transmittance in the FDC area to meet the photography requirements. In other words, the scheme of reducing the driving circuit in the camera area will also reduce the real pixel information that can be displayed in the FDC area.

The third is the one-drive one-pixel circuit scheme, that is, one pixel circuit drives one OLED pixel unit. This scheme improves the visible light transmitability and increases the light input under the screen by optimizing the spatial arrangement of pixels in the camera area and the film stacking design on the basis of not reducing the pixel density in the camera area and the pixel driver circuit. Achieve a high resolution undifferentiated true full screen display.

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Comparison is not difficult to see, Xiaomi MI MIX Fold new product should also be along the third scheme to evolve, this scheme can minimize the degree of light diffraction, reduce glare and greatly improve imaging resolution, combined with the terminal decolorization algorithm and diffraction AI algorithm, truly realize the perfect display and shooting.


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