Xiaomi Mi Mix FOLD is Leaked: Folding Like a Classic Clamshell Model


Xiaomi released its first mass-produced folding screen mobile phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix FOLD, with an initial price of 9,999 yuan. Compared with the competing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, its price is very competitive.

Judging from the information exposed, Xiaomi is not satisfied with the MIX FOLD folding screen solution. The mobile phone giant is exploring new folding screen forms.

On July 3 news, LetsGoDigital exposed Xiaomi’s new folding screen mobile phone patent.

Patented Xiaomi, the new Xiaomi folding screen adopts the up-and-down folding scheme similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the shape looks like a classic clamshell model, the screen shape is a dual-hole design, and the rear three cameras.

At present, several brands have adopted the up-and-down folding scheme. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series, Motorola’s Razr series is also designed with a similar scheme.

Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold series folding solution, Xiaomi’s new folding solution makes mobile phones smaller and easier to carry.

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It is worth noting that this solution is still at the patent stage, and it is not yet certain whether Xiaomi will mass produce it for commercial use.

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