Xiaomi MI New VR Play 2 Headset Will Be Released on April 10


Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI VR play immersive 3D VR virtual reality and Xiaomi MI VR headset with 9-Axis Inertial Motion Controller. So Xiaomi has much enough experience in its VR product line. Currently, Xiaomi official has started to warm up the new MI VR. According to mi official, the Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 will use new interface and new material.

According  to the teaser, it claims that the designing supervisor has come to 12 cities, 27 factories, eliminating 60 kinds of alternative materials, and finally he has found the comfortable dragon dance cloth. So what is dragon dance cloth? It is first time for us to hear that.

After checking the material, the full name of dragon dance cloth is cationicdyedpolyester, the chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate succinic ester (elastic polyester), abbreviated: PBT , belonging  to modified polyester. The dragon dance cloth fabric can compare with natural fabric in wearing comparability and dyed bright colors, in price, it is lower than natural silk, which can produce high additional value.

Anyway, compared with last generation of Xiaomi MI VR play and MI VR Glass, the new product can make you wear more comfortable, the Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 will be released on April 10, so what’s new surprise we will see?


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