Xiaomi MI Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro) Review: Unbelievable 108MP Penta Cameras Smartphone with Coupon


Xiaomi once again used a noun to shake the whole industry. As early as the MIX Alpha conference, the “100 Megapixel” lens was introduced as part of the concept phone. But at the time, it more and more existed as a concept and an idea. Who knows that after a few months, Xiaomi pushed it to the market. This time carrying the “100 Megapixels” model, it is a very compatible CC series, Xiaomi MI Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro) 

As a product of Xiaomi+Meitu, the CC series has a close relationship with taking pictures. The powerful algorithm requires a strong hardware blessing. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is one such product. If it is positioned in the middle of a performance, but it is definitely the flagship player in the photo. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has a total of 5 lenses. Super wide-angle, portrait, macro and other functions are also standard. If you are a mobile phone user, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro you really need to understand.

As a collaboration between Xiaomi and Mito, the CC series has naturally been expected by countless female users. The previous generation products are relatively restrained in design and try to cater to the mainstream aesthetic. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro further highlights the design language of “soft beauty”. Through the combination of glass and metal, it plays a “symphony of God”, which is a curve of curvature and curvature.

Design & Appearance

The first time I started Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, the word “warm” instantly filled my mind. This kind of feel suddenly closes the distance between the hand and the phone, so that you can’t help but play, it is a pity to bring the shell. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro features a 6.47-inch 19.5:9 hyperboloid full screen. The curved glass extends down and combines perfectly with the metal frame for a comfortable feel.

This screen not only has FHD+ resolution but also supports DCI-P3 color gamut display and contrast ratio of 400,000:1. In view of the fact that everyone is facing the screen for a long time, Xiaomi has added a 256-step eye protection mode. This screen also received the TUV Rheinland Low Blu-ray certification, which can effectively reduce the impact of screen blue light on vision during use. For those friends who play the drama every day and watch the Weibo microblog, it is a perfect fit.

In order to further enhance the positive value, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro also adopts more advanced and cost-effective COP packaging technology. To put it simply, it is to use the characteristics of the flexible screen to directly place the chip such as the screen driver IC in the bending area. This has the advantage of greatly reducing the width of the lower border of the screen for a very narrow visual effect. Through a more advanced packaging process, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has a very narrow chin of 3.43mm. With the dropped lens and the hyperbolic screen, the face value of the whole machine is greatly improved.

Not only that, but Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro also uses the world’s first ultra-thin screen optical fingerprint module, the thickness is only about 1/10 of the thickness of the traditional fingerprint module. A thinner and lighter fingerprint module that can be placed directly on the screen, leaving more room for battery stacking. Moreover, compared to the previous generation of lens-type screen optical fingerprints, the area of ​​the fingerprint recognition area has increased by 10%. In the case of strong light, wet hands, peeling, etc., the unlocking speed and success rate have also improved, and the sense of use is also good.

The back of the phone also uses the design of four curved glass, the round glass slowly flows along the Phone to the frame, and then the two perfectly connect, almost no hand cutting. In fact, the back of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has a lot of elements, five lenses, four flashes, and Xiaomi’s logo. How to arrange and combine has become an important issue.

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro refers to the design of the card machine and places all the elements on the left side of the phone. This way, when you lift your phone while taking a photo, your finger won’t block the lens. As for whether this arrangement is good or not, it may be a matter of opinion. In terms of color matching, we got the “Magic Green Mirror” version this time. Xiaomi created the first multi-dimensional frequency conversion texture in the industry through ultra-precision machining. The texture of this structure can be constantly changing in the four dimensions of direction, angle, height, and width, which is very dreamy.


The CC series is mainly for taking pictures, and naturally, it is impossible to pursue the ultimate in performance. In order to balance power consumption and cost, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G mobile processing platform, which adopts 8nm process technology and Kryo 470 CPU with the same architecture as Snapdragon 855. Compared with Xiaolong 710, CPU performance is improved by 35%, graphics performance is improved by 25%, and AI performance is increased by 100%. It is affectionately known as “Little 855”.

The “G” in the 730G is the abbreviation of Gaming, and the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is optimized for the game. The performance improvement in graphics processing can bring more smooth picture performance. Not only that, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro uses 1216 super linear unit speaker, built-in Smart PA, equivalent to 1cc large volume rear cavity, can bring a more shocking audio experience, music game players are blessed!

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is equipped with a 5260mAh large-capacity battery, which makes good use of the thickness space of the main camera “sacrificial”. With a 30W flash charging, the new charging architecture can charge 5260mAh large capacity battery to 100% in 65 minutes. The design of the big battery + fast charge is definitely a benefit for those who regard the mobile phone as a camera.


Then I finally came to the camera section, and the mobile phone finally completed the small goal of “100MP”. In fact, the pixels of mobile phones have been increasing year by year. In such a small body, it is a violation of the laws of physics to accommodate larger sensors while making the body lighter and thinner. In order to accommodate this custom 100 MegaPixel lens, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro actually sacrificed part of the thickness of the phone.

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has a total of five cameras, of which the main camera is a 108MP ultra-clear camera jointly developed by Xiaomi and Samsung. This lens uses 1/1.33 inch large photosensitive components, f/1.69 large aperture, 7P lens design, and the exclusive version is 8P lens. It not only supports Remosaic hardware straight out of 100 million pixel ultra-high-definition photos but also uses pixel four-in-one technology to synthesize 1.6μm large pixel photos in night mode, making the picture clearer and brighter.

 Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has five cameras, which are a 10x hybrid zoom lens, a 50mm portrait lens, a 100 Megapixel main camera f1.69 large aperture, a super wide-angle and a macro lens. From the point of view of parameters, it is definitely the most “luxury” combination in the smartphone industry. The 20-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens delivers a 117-degree ultra-wide-angle shooting experience.

The wide-angle lens not only brings a wider picture but also makes the original picture more tension. The tall buildings and cars in the proofs seem to be taller under the wide-angle lens. This kind of artistic technique is now widely used.

In terms of people, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has a 12-megapixel portrait lens. This lens is a very classic 50mm fixed focus head, showing a closer look than the human eye sees. With Dual PD full-pixel dual-core focusing and AI portrait algorithm, it can bring portrait photos with natural blur effect.

The portrait mode in the mobile phone is simply to separate the character and the background, and then to process the blur effect on the background, thereby simulating the background blur effect of the SLR camera. From the proofs, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro can still perform the edge image processing perfectly even in the face of hair and clothing, and the background blur is very natural.

Not only that but with the powerful beauty algorithm and post-filters that Mito shares, you can easily complete the shooting and post-steps on your mobile phone. The rear dual soft light design provides a softer, brighter light for photography at night or indoors. Such a smart algorithm can greatly reduce the difficulty of shooting night scenes of mobile phones and improve the filming rate.

How powerful are 100 Megapixels? Although the processing time after photo imaging is slightly longer, thanks to the higher pixels, you can record more details. It can be seen that even after zooming in on the screen, the distant text is still clearly identifiable, and the edges of the font are not blurred.

From this photo, even the license plate letters parked in the distance can be seen very clearly. From the detailed information of the photo, a 100-megapixel image is about 30MB in size, and the memory consumption is still very large.

Next, let’s take a look at the night scene. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is equipped with a new handheld super night scene mode. Relying on a 100 million pixel ultra clear lens, 1/1.33 inch large photosensitive element, with better noise reduction processing, and pixel four-in-one technology, the night scene can be made clearer and brighter.

The more excellent point is that the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro does not pursue the “bright as white” night scene effect, but guarantees the richness of the details of the picture and the purity of the sky under reasonable brightness.

This proof is very illustrative, the building in the picture is bright and the details are clear, and the railings inside the glass curtain wall can be seen clearly. But at the same time, the sky is still very clean and almost no noise is visible.

In this proof, the sky is getting late and the lights are on. The buildings in the distance are extraordinarily golden against the backdrop of the setting sun. The next round of the meniscus is also clearly visible, the night view of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is still good.

Finally, there is a macro lens that achieves a 2cm limit focusing distance. Together with the 20MP super wide-angle lenses, it will form a super macro camera lens group, which can achieve 1.5cm super macro photography. Want to discover the little beauty in life? Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro can definitely satisfy you.

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As a main mobile phone,Xiaomi MI Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro)  has set a new benchmark for the whole industry with a 100 Megapixel lens. Although as the first product, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro still has some shortcomings. However, the emergence of a 100 Megapixel lens has undoubtedly provided new ideas for the development of the entire industry, and also raised the standard of mobile phone photography again. Xiaomi is such a company. It always uses new technologies and ideas to stimulate the development of the industry and educate users. Here you can give Xiaomi and Mi CC9 Pro a compliment!

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