Xiaomi MI Note 2 Curved Screen First Confirmed with Three Versions


Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI5 as the flagship smartphone in the past Half year of 2016. So the next flagship smartphone confirms to be Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 in the next half year. Although Xiaomi has released some mid-range smartphone such as Xiaomi Redmi 3, Redmi 3x, and Redmi 3s, they still can not meet the high-end users. So it’s time to announce the new Xiaomi Mi note 2 smartphone for us.


According to the latest news from a tech company, they exposed that Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 will have three versions, standard version, advanced version and curved version. Xiaomi Mi note 2 standard version will use single camera, support HI-FI and quick charge. The Mi note 2 advanced smartphone will use dual camera, Hi-Fi and strengthening Quick charge. As for Mi note 2 curved screen, which will be the top version will also include Hi-fi  lite and quick charge besides curved screen. We know standard QC will be QC 3.0, as for strengthening QC, we have no idea until now. But one thing is for sure that it will have higher efficiency for charging.

As for its price, Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 is a phone different from MI5 series, but it will be obvious to be more expensive than Xiaomi mi5. So we can guess the price will be at least $400. This time Xiaomi is ready to bring something higher-end for mi fans and the market.


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