Xiaomi MI Note 2 Design, Hardware, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI Note 2 since last generation, MI Note announced one year and eight months ago. These months, we really got much news about MI Note 2. Right now we finally see the real face. Xiaomi MI Note 2 can be considered the most beautiful smartphone until now such as dual curve screen, 3D glass on the back. So let’s check what Xiaomi MI Note 2 amazes us!


Xiaomi MI Note 2 has black and silver two colors for your choices. The screen to body ratio is up to 77.2%, 156.2*77.3*7.6mm dimensions, 166g weight, 5.7inch OLED screen with 1080p resolution. We test the black version, the back uses 3D glass material, and dual curved screen shows in symmetry. The mid-frame uses 7 series aluminum alloy design  the same material of iPhone 6s with the sleek curved design.









Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses 5.7inch 1080P AMOLED screen from LG, powered by Snapdragon 821 Quad core 2.35GHz processor, built in RAM 4GB/6GB ROM 64GB/128GB UFS2.0, coming with 8MP front camera, Sony IMX268 sensor, and 22.56MP back camera from Sony IMX318 sensor, F2.0 aperture, EIS, 4070mAh battery, 18W quick charging.

Although Snapdragon 821 has not only improved its performance like Snapdragon 820, due to small core frequency improving, Snapdragon 821 can bring the better user experience. Let’s test by Antutu.


In Antutu Benchmark, Xiaomi MI Note 2 got the final scores with 147,000 points, which is similar to Xiaomi MI5S Plus. It’s worthwhile to know that after testing by Antutu, it doesn’t show overheating phenomenon.


In Geekbench, Xiaomi mi note 2 single core has got 1798 points, and multi-core has 4229 points.



As is known to all, Xiaomi MI5S is famous for dual camera with 4MP front and 12MP back camera with IMX378 Sony sensor, but this time Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses 8MP front camera with autofocus and 23MP back camera, which is good news for those photographer. In addition, it has added photos optimization function in software. Namely, when many people takes photos together, it can take many photos continuously. And then combine all photos into one to avoid the overall picture quality that one closed the eye.




According to photo samples, under the enough light in the hotel, the real effect is good, but the overall photos shows a little white, so we can’t ensure nice white balance control.

As for 23MP camera, it has good details, we can see clearly the words on the bottle after enlarging.

As for outdoor samples, the effect is good enough, but the overall color still is white partial, not so stunning, which may be related to the algorithm adjustment. But it has done well in details, and when the brightness and darkness shows clearly, it is easy to show over exposure.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 is built in 4070mAh battery, supporting Snapdragon QC3.0 quick charge, 18W power adapter. According to real test, it took one hour and 25 minutes to charge from 45% to 100%, but during this time, the back platform of MI Note 2 is under downloading and updating state. So the real power consumption in theory should be less.  As for battery life, due to limited time, we just do pressure test by Antutu, after two hours using, Xiaomi MI Note 2 still has 78% off power, the screen on time is about 50 minutes, during this period, we runs apps, take photos, play videos, etc. In all, Xiaomi MI Note 2 can at least support one day use, which is acceptable.



Other Features

Xiaomi MI Note 2 runs MIUI 8 OS,  which has app-split faster speed than that of Xiaomi MI5. As for fingerprint scanner, Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses fingerprint scanner on its home button different from Xiaomi MI5S with ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. It also supports NFC, 4G+, global network such as 6 mold 37 network frequency band.





Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses dual curved 3D glass with great holding grip. We can confirm Xiaomi MI Note 2 is the most beautiful smartphone until now. It’s 5.7inch screen with ultra narrow frame which makes us fall in love with it deeply. So we are quite satisfied with the design, as for hardware, Xiaomi mi note 2 doesn’t let us down, Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB, two versions, and 8MP front camera and 23MP back camera. Most importantly, it sells at the most competitive price right now. So are you ready to get one?

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