Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Dual 12MP Back Camera,Snapdragon 823, RAM 6GB Coming in Sept.


Although Xiaomi has released the large 6.44inch screen smartphone, Xiaomi Max, in fact, it’s not the flagship smartphone that we want. Right now we are more looking forward to Xiaomi Mi note 2. According to latest news,  Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 will announce two versions. One is one back camera, the other is dual back cameras. It will use metal unibody. It’s said it will be powered by Snapdragon 821 procesor and RAM 6GB and announce in September.


In fact, Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 dual back camera idea has something to do with iPhone 7 plus dual camera. After the professional staff, it has denied that iphone 7 plus will adopt dual camera design. But it exposed OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi will be possible to use dual back camera. So we will see which one will be first to take this dual back camera design.


So according to these news, Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 will be probably built with dual rear camera and used first in its flagship smartphone, Xiaomi mi note 2.  It will take 12MP Dual rear camera. It’s noted that the manufacturer provides the small sample for Xiaomi which is also the manufacturer of iPhone 7 plus. So Xiaomi Mi note 2 will have some same hardware as iPhone 7 plus including 6 sets of lens and 12MP sensor, etc. As for shooting way, it will bring a long focus effect with providing wide viewing angle and combining high-quality pictures by exclusive algorithm. But we don’t know if it supports OIS function, after all it has been achieved in Huawei P9.


As for the single rear camera information, it is said it will use Sony IMX378 and OV4688 sensor which means it will be equipped with 4MP front camera and 12MP rear camera same as HTC 10 to support OIS.  And it also leaked it will use 5.7inch LED display, and RAM 6GB, Snapdragon 823 processor. It will have 4,000mAh battery, running MIUI 8 OS and support Iris recognition.This kind of news has shown Xiaomi mi note 2 will largely have single and two rear camera versions. Both rear cameras have 12MP that keep the same specs as that of Iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. But one thing confirms that it will not support waterproof function.


About the release date, Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 will announce in September, 2016. And it will have RAM 4GB and RAM 6GB two version. It is likely to have 5.7inch 2K screen. So about this kind of specs, we need to wait for official news. Do you believe Xiaomi mi note 2 will use dual rear camera?


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