Xiaomi MI Note 2 Official Teaser Unveiled its Design and Price


Xiaomi MI Note 2 smartphone will be released on October 25 in Peking University next Tuesday, right now about this smartphone, there are many renderings coming out which is full of doubt. Today a netizen has exposed the real photo about MI Note 2, it is Xiaomi mi note 2 official poster held by Chinese celebrity. So it should be more reliable.

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According to the photo, Xiaomi mi note 2 uses dual curved screen with sleek and light design. compared with previous photos, it confirms to be the same as that of poster. In terms of other news, Xiaomi mi note 2 will be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB or RAM 6GB ROM 128GB, coming with 5.7inch LG AMOLED screen,  dual rear camera of 23MP and 12MP, and 8MP front camera, , 4100mAh battery, and 37 supported frequency bands, including 4G LTE on US mobile carriers, and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner like Xiaomi mi5s, and its Hifi function of MI Note 2 will  continue to be used and the design and performance will be highly improved.


Therefore, Xiaomi MI Note 2 price should be higher than any other one. Before press conference, a Foxconn staff has leaked in social network that Xiaomi mi note 2 cost will reach 3,000 yuan, $500, so it can’t sell at 500usd but 3,999 yuan, $590, because the curved screen cost takes 1,000 yuan, $150. The curved screen will not only improve the visual effect, but also the repairing fee if it’s broken is not cheap. According to other news, Xiaomi this time prepares the flat screen version of mi note 2 at 3000 yuan, $500. So users can make more favorable choice now. Stay tuned.

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