Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Poster Shows Dual Curved 2K Screen and 3D Touch


It’s really surprised that in last press conference on September 27, Xiaomi has released its dual curved screen rumored before, but announced Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus. This kind of movement is totally different from its previous strategy for high-end smartphones.


After the press conference, many experts have confirmed again that the model, Xiaomi Edge of Xiaomi MI Note 2 still exist,  the real reason about non-announcement of MI Note 2 is the production of curved screen has been in shortage.


According to the latest news, a netizen unveiled that Xiaomi MI Note 2 with dual curved screen will be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, coming with 5.7inch 2K screen, which have been confirmed before, in addition, it will support 3D Touch, dual rear camera, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. In general, it is worthwhile to wait.

The other reliable news from Xiaomi Co-founder, Lin Bin has also claimed that Xiaomi will release the year-end flagship smartphone in this half year. So we can be highly sure it will be Xiaomi MI Note 2 which will sell at least 500usd. So will you choose Xiaomi MI5S or wait for MI Note 2?


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