Xiaomi MI Note 2 Super Narrow Borders First Unveiled


Xiaomi MI Note 2 has been the top search recently, we also have discovered that Chinese reseller starts to list Xiaomi MI Note 2 at over $700. Right now a netizen on Weibo has exposed the real photos of  a ultra narrow bezel smartphone, which looks like Xiaomi MI Note 2. But he only took the photo about the upper part of the smartphone, we can clearly see the familiar MIUI OS.

s_f7ba1265ba9b4d92819273b756a9bb87_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac The gallery function is same as Xiaomi MIUI function, so we can almost confirm these are the real photos about MI Note 2. The most outstanding feature is the ultra bezel frame around. According to the comparison of the two leaked photos, it looks like the photo we leaked yesterday. The leaked silver version has hinted that Xiaomi MI Note 2 will have various colors coming.



According to previous specs we have leaked before, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will use 5.7inch 2K screen, 16MP rear camera, powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 6GB ROM 256GB internal storage. As for those photos about the flexible MI Phones, we guess it should be the concept MI Note 2 with flexible version in the near future,  in terms of current technology, the flip version of Xiaomi MI Note 2 will become more practical and affordable.


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