Xiaomi MI Note 2 Tear Down Review


Xiaomi MI Note 2 is the first product to come with dual curved screen for Chinese smartphones, and it is the year-end flagship of Xiaomi. In terms of specs, Xiaomi MI Note 2 sports by 5.7inch 1080P screen from LG, powered by Snapdragon 821 Quad core 2.35GHz processor, built in 4070mAh battery, supporting QC3.0, HD high-definition voice quality, it has 22.56MP main camera with Sony IMX318 sensor. Of course, the price of Xiaomi mi note 2 is not cheap at 2,799 yuan, $466. So let’s see how is Xiaomi mi note 2 on earth?

We can see Xiaomi MI Note 2 is covered with a large number of thermal conductive foam, graphite stickers, the main chip comes with cooling silicon grease, there is fixed metal frame around the camera to avoid shifting. As for parts supplier, it is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, Samsung 64GB UFS2.0, 4070 battery.

So we think the tear-down and maintenance are not hard, because the main board design is very mature.


This is the first time that Xiaomi adopts dual curved 3D glass design on Xiaomi MI Note 2.


Xiaomi mi note 2 has set up some customized function for the certain themes on dual curved screen, but other Xiaomi smartphone can also reach the same effect to use dual curved screen theme, from the bottom of Xiaomi mi note 2, we can see the curved degree of mi note 2 is quite small, so the curved screen function can show wide information which occupies the parts of desktop content.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 adopts both dual 3D glass on the front and back, which makes the mid-frame side becomes thinner, but the transition processing shows very sleekly. When holding it, we don’t feel unsmoothness. Next time, we will see the inner structure of Xiaomi mi note 2.


The back glass of Xiaomi MI Note 2 sticks on the mid metal frame foam glue, just heating the glue around to soften and then use the chuck and drawing piece to open.


We can see the back cover to know that the inner part of Xiaomi mi note 2 still uses three-step design, the main board and bottom are covered with protection panel , and there is  a screw with fragile paper.


It’s worthwhile to know that Xiaomi MI Note 2 mid-frame has many holes and buckle.


There are  a large number of thermal conductive foam, graphite stickers covered on the back, there is the mid metal frame to fix on the camera.


The protection panel on the main board at the top has NFC coil and printed antenna to keep the nice signal.


The protection panel at the bottom of the body continues uni cavity, motor and printed antenna, the bottom of the body is also important channel for signal coming out.


We can see there are two handle with non-trace glue, disconnecting the battery discharge line, pull the non-trace glue and then remove the battery easily, which provides the maintenance in the near future, and change with big convenience.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses a 4070mAh/15.7Wh Lithium ion polymer battery which is produced by Scud.


Remove the top main board, we can see Xiaomi mi note 2 covered with cooling silicon grease. In addition, the back of the main camera and metal rolling rack also has the graphite paper to cool.


The chipset is the MXT640U from Atmel company.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 puts the receiver, moonlight, de-noise microphone and light sensor together.


Here is the front camera, Xiaomi mi note 2 uses 8MP front camera to support beautification.


Xiaomi mi note 2 flat cable and the bottom small panel uses the uni-design. The bottom small panel is the joint point between USB Type C port and antenna.


Xiaomi mi note 2 supports fingerprint scanner on the home button, which has used popular on other smartphones.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 home button uses ceramic panel with nice wear-resisting to avoid scratching the home button in the near future.



In conclusion, Xiaomi mi note 2 keeps the good level in its inner design and craftsmanship, although there is no big innovation, it’s good for maintenance. The most improvement of Xiaomi mi note 2 is to use dual curved screen. So are you ready to catch one?

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