Xiaomi MI Note 2 VS Xiaomi MI Note Full Review


Xiaomi starts new product press conference to release Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Xiaomi MI MIX on October 25, there are almost two years that Xiaomi released the new model in Xiaomi MI Note series. So what’s the main difference between Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Xiaomi MI Note? Let’s see the following comparison.


First, according to the front comparison, Xiaomi mi note adopts 2.5D curved glass, but Xiaomi MI Note 2 comes with 3D curved glass, under the screen, MI Note uses traditional three virtual button, and MI Note 2 with fingerprint scanner on the Home button.


In details, Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses symmetrical design on the top and ultra narrow frame, Xiaomi MI Note hasn’t used symmetrical design with black bezel more obviously.


In addition, Xiaomi MI Note 2 comes with dual 3D glass with more natural metal frame, and its thickness is much thinner than MI Note.


At the bottom, Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses symmetrical design, but Xiaomi mi note doesn’t.


On the back, Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses 3D curved glass, and MI Note has 2.5D glass, they have camera in different placement.


According to design, Xiaomi MI Note 2 is equipped with dual curved 3D glass with front physical Home button, it adopts symmetrical design on the front and back design, so it is more beautiful than Xiaomi MI Note.


According to spes comparison, Xiaomi MI Note can’t compare with mi note 2 in hardware, whether screen, processor, internal storage, camera, network, features, etc, Xiaomi MI Note 2 can kill MI Note. So in terms of specs, there is nothing to compare. After all, they have two-year gap which belong two levels.


But they have one similarity that they both are the flagship smartphones in the past or now.


When we compare Xiaomi MI Note 2 with Xiaomi MI Note, you may think it’s funny, because they are not in the same level. But after comparison, we can recall the old memories two years ago. MI Note series has made big progress, and improvement all the way.

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