Xiaomi MI Note 2 Will Be the Best Alternative of Galaxy Note 7 Worth $800


Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi 5S Plus both can sell at the price tag below 2,000, around $300, so we believe as the more powerful year-end flagship, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will sell at much higher price than them. As you know, Xiaomi has invited one of the most famous Chinese celebrity, Liang Chaowei as the special guest to promote Xiaomi MI Note 2, this time, Xiaomi starts to take big steps.


According to Xiaomi official, we can be sure that Xiaomi MI Note 2 will use dual curved screen,which looks like Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and recently, according to famous leaker, @Mocha on his weibo, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will use 5.7inch LG AMOLED flexible screen. So what’s the real design of Xiaomi MI Note 2?


Latest news from a famous blogger on Weibo is that you can consider it as the best alternative of Galaxy Note 7, so it will have decent looking which is worthwhile to look forward. He also claims that Xiaomi MI Note 2 has no MI Logo on its front, the receiver sensor is similar to the pictures below. The home button will be more sleek, the curved screen will not as sleek as Note 7,  but similar to Galaxy S6.


What we care most is the price, according to Xiaomi official spokesman, Xiaomi makes a poll about Xiaomi MI Note 2 price, the price range is 4,999 yuan, $833, 5999 yuan, $999, 6,999 yuan, $1166. Until now, up to 70% users choose the price of 4,999 yuan,  $833, but from the practice of Xiaomi, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will be very little chance to sell at $833, the reasonable price of mi note 2 should be at 3,000 yuan, $500, but what if Xiaomi mi note 2 had the flexible screen version, the price up to 800usd will be much possible. Stay tuned on October 25.


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