Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Will Support 3D Touch Function


In order to earn more market share in smartphone market, the phone manufacturers start to research the new function and innovative design to attract customers such as 3D Touch function. Currently, this kind of technology has only been used in iPhone 6s, Huawei Mate S, etc. But in the near future, Xiaomi mi note 2 as the new flagship smartphone will support 3D Touch.


Recently, there is a fan in MIUI forum to find a 3D Touch function in Xiaomi OS. So it has further confirmed that Xiaomi will release this kind of function, 3D Touch like Apple. It’s said a fan has discovered the latest version in MIUI OS to support 3D Touch in Xiaomi MI5, from the screenshot exposed, Xiaomi 3D Touch is not only similar to Apple in their name, but also supporting force touch in interface to quick access the apps or menus.


We also remembered that before Xiaomi MI5 released, it’s said MI 5 will use 3D Touch function, but it doesn’t. But right now 3D Touch appears again, it hints that Xiaomi MI Note 2 or Xiaomi MI5S will support this great function. Therefore, do you want them to support this function?


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