Xiaomi MI Note 3 5.5inch Snapdragon 660 Hands on review by @GEEKBUYING (Coupon included)


Xiaomi has announced three new products few day ago: The Xiaomi Notebook Pro, the Xiaomi  Mi Mix 2 and grade 3 – and the Note 3 has surprised us! Had the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 still above the  Mi5s filed, the Grade 3 now ranks below the MI6. The spearhead of Xiaomi will now form the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2ndInstead of MI6 Plus now the Mi Note 3 is coming! The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 slims, in contrast to its predecessor, significantly from: 5.5 “inches instead of 5.7”, a Snapdragon processor from the upper middle class and a significantly lower price. Succeeds, the attack on the iPhone Plus?

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is more akin to the SP-6, as you first think. The design is the rounded glass back leaning significantly to the Xiaomi MI6. In the color selection is set to “Bright Blue” and “Bright Black”. The black model is the frame in the same color, the blue model of this is golden. Despite the 5.5 “inch display, the Mi Note is 3 become a compact smartphone with its dimensions of 152.6 x 73.9 x 7.6 mm, it is less than a 5 OnePlus (154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3mm) and 163g only 10g heavier. Also an iPhone 7 Plus then you will ignore loose (158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm). The display has – but that is now standard – with FullHD on. Was there at Mi Note 2 have a curved display, is dispensed at the Mi Note 3 to it. There is now a “bezel-less” display and it runs across the entire width – saves money, although it’s a little prestige lost, I like it personally better that way.

Still, the Mi 6 is a really good phone, and the Mi Note 3 might be a better bet if you prefer the screen size. I only say “might be” because the processor has been downgraded a bit to the Snapdragon 660 from the Mi 6’s 835.But otherwise, you’re looking at the same dual 12-megapixel cameras with a secondary telephoto lens, the same 6GB of RAM, and the same sleek design with four-sided glass back panel. The battery is appropriately bigger, however, at 3500mAh, and Xiaomi has also upgraded the front-facing camera to 16 megapixels complete with “Adaptable AI” beautifying models.Dual WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB C – all in the Wed installed touch 3rd There are, as with the MI6, no 3.5 mm jack. Even the Fingerabrucksensor is integrated into the home button. As with the MI6 has the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 NFC and an infrared transmitter on board, we definitely welcome. The Mi Note 3 receives plus 6GB RAM and is equipped with 64GB or 128GB storage order.

A larger screen and more features, but less power? Xiaomi has with the score 3 an interesting device in the store. Most surprising is probably the classification below the MI6. Was the score 2 nor the premium device with some extra in Xiaomi range, is the Mi Note 3 below the MI6 – at least in terms of performance. It will be interesting how the Mi Note 3 hits compared to MI6. An MI6 Plus it is not definitive, but at what Xiaomi smartphone should fall.

Priced, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 assigns directly at MI6 one. The 6GB + 64GB version is only available in black and for a retail price of 3199.93 yuan ($489.99). The version with 6GB + 128GB can be had in black for 3781.15 yuan ($578.99) and in blue for 3898.70 yuan ($596.99).GEEKBUYING give u a final price of Xiaomi Mi Note 3 $408.99 using coupon code NOTE3GKB You can get above than 50%. only limited 50 pieces.


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